Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Black Teen Dies of Asthma While Running From White Racist Mob

Dayshen McKenzie
Dayshen McKenzie (Facebook)

*A black teenager from Staten Island, NY collapsed and died from an asthma attack he suffered while running for his life from a racist mob.

Dayshen McKenzie, 16, was fleeing what witnesses described as a mostly white crew shouting racial slurs and waving a gun, the New York Daily News reports.  According to Diane Fatigati, a Good Samaritan who ran to McKenzie’s aid, one of the pursuers shouted, “I’m gonna shoot you, ni**er.”

“To me, it’s murder,” said Fatigati, an ex-NYPD officer and 9/11 responder. “They were chasing him — that’s a crime. You’re hunting them because they’re black … You’re calling them a ni**er.”

According to the Daily News, the chase last Friday was rooted in an ongoing beef between one of McKenzie’s friends and a member of the other group over a girl.

Fatigati said the group chasing McKenzie and his friends consisted of young white males and one Hispanic male. She said two of the cars in the pursuit bore Pennsylvania plates. No arrests were made and no charges filed in the week since the incident.

A police source said McKenzie’s friends didn’t mention the racial slur when cops interviewed them after his death. Hate crime investigators are expected to interview the witnesses again after the Daily News inquired about the case.



  1. Murderous, racist white people, and some hispanics are savages. IDGAF what anyone says.

    This business of “hunting black people” is not going to go well, because some of us are going to start hurting MFers, hunting us. Ya dig?

    If this situation would have been black men hunting a white teen, you know damn well someone would have been arrested by now… A week later, and no one arrested? With witnesses?

    Kudos to Ms. Fatigati for coming to the aid of young McKenzie. She is one of those rare, good cops. Even though she is no longer on the force, she’s one of those good cops that we hear about, and a very decent human being.

    God bless her for being honest, and NOT trying to cover up for those racist, white, swines, and that hispanic ass hole chasing McKenzie.

    Seems to me there was a hispanic named George who killed a black teenager named Trayvon… This BS is way out of control…


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