Saturday, October 23, 2021

Teens in Jail for ‘Whites Only’ and ‘Trans Only’ Spray Paint on School Wall (Video)

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*Some really bored white boys with time on their hands have landed themselves in a jail cell after going on a spray painting field trip. Students Christian Joeckel, Ryan Westbrook, Hayden Honolka, Cameron Bodenstab, and Ethan Sigmond, all of whom are from rival school Arlington High (in Arlington, TX), were arrested after it was discovered they were responsible for writing racist, vulgar and anti-transgender graffiti on the school’s athletic facilities and restrooms.

The images were placed on Twitter.

Joekel, Westbrook, and Honolka are all 17 years old; Bodenstab and Sigmond are 18.

According to what police spokesman Lt. Chris Cook told the Star-Telegram, the graffiti displayed “several disturbing racial and gender overtones.”

Will these fools ever grow weary from rubbing their joy sticks in racism and sexual innuendo?

According to Westbrook, the vandalism was part of a “senior prank.” He admitted to defacing a jungle gym with several markings, including the words “payback for the parking lot” and “muck f*** fartin martin.”

“Anytime you have hateful messages, [it’s] very concerning,” Cook said. “We’re going to look at that to know who did this [and] what is the motivation?”

Seriously. You have no idea what the motivation was?

Joeckel admitted to police that he had spray painted a penis, wrote “whites only” and “trans only.”

Bodenstab and Sigmond both admitted to painting the jungle gym at the school green, but said they did not paint any of the other graffiti at the school.

Honolka told police he painted monkey bars and wrote “F*** Martin” on the school.

Charges against the teens include state felonies estimated at $20,000 in damage to school property. Hate crime charges may be brought about for the graffiti writings.

“The hate crime statute will be presented to a grand jury,” Lieutenant Cook said. “Since they’re felonies, there will have to be a hearing for indictment.” 

Watch the video report below.Read more at ABC affiliate WFAA8



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