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Disgraced Cop Daniel Hotlzclaw Denies Raping Poor Black Women

Daniel Holtzclaw
Daniel Holtzclaw

*Disgraced former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted last year for the rape and sexual assault of seven black women and one underage black girl. In December, he was found guilty of 18 of the 36 charges he faced, including stalking, indecent exposure, and forcible oral sodomy and rape. Now Daniel is speaking out and denying the crimes against him. He’s also blasting everyone who worked on the case, from the prosecution and detectives to the victims.

“I have never sexually assaulted anyone,” Holtzclaw told ABC reporter Juju Chang in a phone interview that was aired on news program 20/20 Friday night, which included Holtzclaw, his family, jurors and victim Jannie Ligons.

“I want people to hear from me,” he continued. “I want them to hear from my voice… how do I respond to these questions so they could see the truth. I have nothing to hide and what I want the public to see is my personal side to the story.”

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He added: “I am not guilty of those crimes. But what I did is I protected and served, and there was a vendetta as far as the detectives, as far as the prosecution…”

Holtzclaw, 29, never testified in court, and this interview is the first time the public has heard directly from the convicted cop. He said the detectives who handled his case “handed [the victims] a lottery ticket,” by approaching women and asking if they had been sexually assaulted by a cop. “Now they’re going to be billionaires,” he said.

His delusions didn’t end there. Holtzclaw also believes he was scapegoated to appease race relations in the city. “If they didn’t convict me, there would be the next Ferguson in Oklahoma,” he said.

Daniel’s father Eric Holtzclaw, and his girlfriend, continue to understandably defend him by asking why would he choose “these people” to victimize.

“Why these people?” she said. “He could have found people on the northside (of town).”

Holtzclaw targeted black women in poor neighborhoods with criminal records, until Jannie Ligons, a 57-year-old grandmother reported him to the police.

“Let’s get the factual facts out there. She’s [Jannie Ligons] not innocent the way people think she is. She had a bust in the ‘80s … But we couldn’t present that to the jury … This is not a woman that’s, you know, a soccer mom or someone that’s credible in society.”

Daniel intends to appeal his conviction.

Watch Jannie Liggons:

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  1. I just have the one question for Mr. Holtzclaw that no one else has asked yet. If he only had the intention of doing “good police work”, then why did he ONLY run up the names of “Black Women” on the police database. If he was trying to make busts and find out where drug rings and such were, why did he not run the names of black men as well – why only the WOMEN.

    That is why the detectives said his answers did not add up. In the interrogation, Holtzclaw clearly says that Jannie Ligons’ breath had the smell of alcohol on it but to him she did not seem at all like she was over the legal limit. Then he says that the reason he put her in the back of his police car was to get her to admit to being drunk. Now which is it, either she was not over the legal limit or she was drunk. And why did he not do a simple sobriety test on her rather than try get he to admit to being drunk. WHY??? Because he was not concerned at all about her liquor intake – he was only concerned with taking horrible advantage of this grandmother. That is why he is spending the rest of his life in prison – because the only persons he is fooling, is himself and his poor family and friends?

  2. Your are right so Celeste. “Good police work” is not making traffic stops but don’t call them in. Clearly, he did not want his superiors to know he was making these stops, and if so, why?? Also, why was he running the names of these women on the department database? Was he instructed by his department heads to do this. His job was to patrol and protect the streets – nothing more. It was not his job to go after these women or anyone else for “information” as he says. That is the job of a detective. He was not a detective. He was nothing more than a cop on the beat – a “flatfoot.” His job was to patrol the streets. So clearly; he was a predator on the make and he got caught. The very women he thought he could bully did have “someone on their side.” Thank goodness for those two “real” detectives and the prosecution – otherwise Holtzclaw would still be out there assaulting “defenseless” black women.

    If Daniel Holtzclaw did not learn anything from his stupidity, he learned this: you don’t have to be a “soccer mom” to get justice.

    • Josephine – you hit it dead on!!! Holtzclaw did learn that he should have left those women alone. Because they were believed, that spineless cry baby paid for his crimes just as he should have. I feel so sorry for all of the women but especially Ms. Ligons. This woman was coming home from being out with friends. What a horrible way for an evening out to end. I know Ms. Ligons cannot get peaceful sleep behind this because I know I would lose sleep over this. But the good thing is this – now Daniel Holtzclaw is losing sleep over this! And he is “disgraced.” He looked down on those poor victims because most of them were crimminals. Now he is a criminal doing hard time. If that is not poetic justice, I don’t know what is.

      • All of you are right. And what gets me is how could he possibly be receiving support. These individuals know he’s guilty but they feel the same way he does. “These women deserve to be mistreated this way because they are black and not considered to be credible in society like soccer moms.” Holtzclaw is too stupid to realize, that this very thinking is what nailed his coffin shut. He can appeal all he wants. His appeals won’t help him anymore than Jeffrey McDonald’s appeals helped him.

        Back in the 80s, Jeffrey McDonald was the army doctor who was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife Collette and two little girls and he has been declaring his innocence for 43 years since. He never got out (not even for a day) and neither will Daniel Holtzclaw. Just like the head prosecutor “David Prater” said. “There will be appeals, but we are not worried at all about any reversals.”

        So all I can say is: “Daniel, say hello to Jeffrey McDonald while you’re there.

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