Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Zulu Nation Warns ‘People Will Die’ Over Bambaataa’s Sex Scandal

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*In a newly released video, a Zulu representative warns followers of a government conspiracy that could lead to death and the destruction of the organization. The remarks are related to the accusations of sexual misconduct against founder Afrika Bambaataa.

Former Black Panther and Zulu King, Brother Shep issued the warning before introducing a guest panel at an event that took place in Harlem on April 27. The clip, which The Star Chamber labeled ‘Zulu Nation Says Somebody Is Gonna Die!’, directs possible victims who feel “offended” by the discussion to file a complaint with the New York Supreme Court.

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“Yes I was in the Black Panther Party, yes I lived this type of thing, I saw my comrades killed, I still see comrades in prison, I still know comrades that are over seas and can’t come home because they’re political exiles. I’ve seen exactly what’s going on now, before. I’ve seen it already, and when you see it you know when it’s coming,” Shep says, drawing upon his personal experience when the Black Panther Party was targeted by federal law enforcement. “People are going to die if we’re not careful with this. We’re going to lose people. Because they don’t care about us. We’ve got to care for ourselves, and we’ve got to be very vigilant about what goes on.”

Before turning the platform over to the speakers on the panel, Shep recalls the devious tactics the government enforced to dismantle the Black Panther Party. Particular focus was given to the role and actions of a provocateur, which Shep said is to “stir it up, to pass on rumors, to set people up, and if possible, to make sure people get killed; not just locked up, but to kill people. Once they’re taken out the organization will be destroyed.”

Check out the video below:

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