Sunday, May 22, 2022

Watch: Former Cop, Daniel Holtzclaw, Bawls Uncontrollably as Jurors present Surprise Birthday Present

We can probably assume this is NOT Daniel Holtzclaw's hurt-so-good look!
We can probably assume this is NOT Daniel Holtzclaw’s hurt-so-good look!

*Make no mistake, those are not the tears from a hurt-so-good experience, many of which former rookie cop Daniel Holtzclaw has no doubt experienced while raping and forcing more than a dozen Black women to perform sexual acts on him.

No, these tears are those of a wimp who was caught and does not want to pay for the crime.

Holtzclaw wept uncontrollably in court as jurors convicted him last month on four first-degree rape counts and 14 other charges, and followed that with a recommendation that he spend 263 years in prison for the crime. And to think he thought so little of these women, he assumed no one would believe them.

The judge agreed with the jurors on Thursday.

In the courtroom were his family and supporters, who had filled his head with false confidence all of these months, by telling him he should not or would not be convicted.

Holtzclaw, who is one part white and the other, Japanese, had his lawyer argue that the women misunderstood his intentions saying, prostitutes and drug abusers misconstrued his efforts to help, and that many came forward only after police said an investigation showed that they might be victims.

But the cop did not fool Detective Kim Davis, who spearheaded the charges against him and is being hailed a hero by one of the women.

“Those are the tears of a man that got caught, and he’s not remorseful,” Det. Kim Davis told ABC News.

Read more and watch the dramatic video at EURThisNthat.



  1. If we had more honest, and courageous DA’s in this nation, we could put an end to the abuse that black people suffer at the hands of racist KKKops.

    This case is exhibit number one in my theory, because no KKKop wants to spend any time in a closet called, “Protective Custody” locked up 23 hours per day…

    Think about it, once these swines comprehend their criminal behavior will NOT be tolerated, and that they will be prosecuted, and convicted, black people will actually enjoy the same rights as the rest of Americans. No KKKop wants to go to prison. It’s that simple. But since we have punks, and co-conspirators for prosecutors, there are no consequences for the majority of rogue KKKops.

    Everyone knows a KKKop wouldn’t last 30-seconds in the prison general population, so it’s off to the closet, and a 23-hour per day lockdown to meditate every single day on the unnecessary crime that they committed… Nice remedy, right? A rogue KKKop actually being arrested, prosecuted, and convicted. What a concept…

    This bitch ass is regretting not eating his gun prior to his arrest. That’s what those tears are all about… Good luck on trying to kill yourself in PC, “Holtzpinky.” Ha! Ha!

    May the thoughts of his hubris drive him crazier than he already is.

    One down, and a couple of hundred thousand to go…

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