Friday, January 22, 2021

Report: Tamar Braxton No Longer on ‘The Real’; Kills Social Media

tamar (instagram pic)
photo via Tamar Braxton’s Instagram

*Ok, so what’s going on with Tamar Braxton? We ask because she issued a cryptic kind of message via social media on Saturday (05-21-16) saying that she was signing off of social media because she was stabbed in the back by someone she “stupidly trusted.”

However, if you believe a report from Love B. Scott, it could be because she’s been let go from “The Real” talk show.

A “reliable source” tells the site that, “She wasn’t reading too well with the audience and sales people didn’t find her to be ‘brand friendly.’ She was also too difficult on production.”

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That could be the case. We’ll obviously all know the real deal soon. But in the meantime, inquiring minds want to know just who did she “stupidly trust?” Well, the way her statement was written, it’s clear she’s not blaming her husband, Vince, or her sisters. So some folks concluded she may be pointing the finger at her close bud April Daniels, the wife of her friend and producer Lashawn Daniels. But, according to TheShadeRoom, LaShawn said it wasn’t him or April.

This may be worth noting as well. Reportedly, Tamar is no longer following Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai, Loni Love or “The Real” on Twitter. The only host she’s currently following is Tamara Mowry-Housley.

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Here’s Tamar’s full statement via Instagram:

I love u all but I have been stabbed in the back by someone I stupidly trusted ( not my man or my sisters) I am not about to be tried and tested to snitch (?) and it’s not in good taste to tell you who…… but as #tamartians you are very smart and can figure things out on your own. But know that every one who smiles in your face is NOT your friend and is NOT cheering for you and will LIE and try and tear u down to TRY and dim your light. Thank GOD HE HOLDS MY FUTURE AND MY HAND! (Remember who u are)….I am Tamar Braxton. And if you thought for 1 sec u played me…..In the late great prince and the amazing Beyoncé voice you PLAYED yourself? to God be the Glory and I will be taking a short break from ALL social media…until then❤️ yourself and WATCH YOUR BACK ( I put this picture up cause this is the embrace I got from my sister and best friend that she ALWAYS gives when she knows I’ve been had)




  1. I only WATCHED THE REAL FOR TAMAR CUZ DONT NO BODY WANT TO SEE LONNIE AND I DONT KNOW WHERE JEANNIE CAME FROM. I love TAMARA ALSO. It probably was LONNIE COMPLAINING. Tamar was very sick and they SHOULD HAVE CUT HER SOME SLACK and as far as them saying Tamar COULDNT READ, because of her being so sick it could still be something going on with her. I can promise you I will never watch that show again. Its been one thing after another for Tamar. PRAYING FOR YOU TAMAR

  2. i too only watch the Real because of Tamar. I am a Tamartian fo life!!! I will not go back to watching ‘The View’ with Raven-Symoné’s fat mouth…SMDH

  3. I started watching “The Real” while Tamar Braxton was on “Dancing with the Stars”. So in other words, She is the reason why I watch “The Real”. I like her style, her fashion and her funny sense of humor (smacking her lips together all the time). She will be missed, and so will I. I have no need to watch the show anymore. Well I still have “The Talk”. Amen!!

  4. It was time for her to move on. Now I can enjoy the show – pleased to learn that Loni Love has a B.S. in electrical engineering. Now maybe the show can focus more on intelligent discussion with out Tamar’s theatrics.


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