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Former NBAer Etan Thomas Blows Up Racist Woman on Amtrak

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*Etan Thomas is an ex-NBA player and he wants to get something off his chest. Actually he got something off his chest and exposed some racism at the same time via social media.

Apparently what he had to say resonated with a lot of folks. Friday night Thomas took to Facebook to tell his tale and so far the post has more accumulated more than 2100 comments, 12,000 shares and 45,000 likes.

Holy crap! That’s a lot of people feeling what this guy has to say. So what did happen? What prompted him make the post?

According to Thomas it began when he was on the train and politely asked a (white) woman in a “softened” voice if the seat next to her was taken. The woman said it was. Two minutes later, Thomas says, a white guy comes along, asks the same question, and is offered the seat, with the woman accommodating him by moving her belongings for him, according to the Root’s Angela Bronner Helm.

At that point Thomas said he “had to say something. ” So he got up and asked the woman:

“Did you just not want ME to sit next to you? Were you scared? Not comfortable with a Black Man sitting next to you?”

This is where it gets interesting. Thomas says the woman actually responded with this craziness:

“Don’t pull the race card stuff with me, I dated a Black guy in college.”

Oh really. Like that’s supposed to negate her racism towards him.

Thomas’ next move was to take a snap of the woman (for his Facebook post), and she said she was going to get the law on him (report him to the conductor) for illegally taking her photo (all the while, the dude next to woman was looking real uncomfortable, by the way).

Check out what happened next, as Thomas tell it:

“So the conductor came up and said hey Etan Thomas love what you’re doing in the community loved you with the Wizards big Cuse fan man the Knicks sure could use you …. And I said was there something you wanted to tell my man ? And she rolled her eyes …”

See the pic read the entire post below.



  1. I love it! I’m so glad he set that racist, stink butt straight.

    Race card… I keep telling racist white people, that black people DO NOT play the “race card.” Whites and others do. We RESPOND to the “race card” played on us by these twisted ass holes’ racist actions… But they don’t hear me though…

    The problem is these ignorant subhumans DO NOT like the fact that we have a retort to their BS. They expect us to clam up like it’s 1829, or some stupid shit.

    I HATE racist, white MFers who think they won the race lottery, and try to act pompous with their fake “superiority” BS.

    This chick actually thought she was going to shut the brother down by stating that she used to be a black guy’s whore in college… Please…

    Salute to you Etan for being a gentleman, and putting this skank on blast!

    • You’re the racist, you jigaboo sob. I’m so sick of your likes sniveling about your victimhood and blaming it on others. You can go make something of yourself or act like the ghetto rat you apparently are.

      • Wow dude… you might want to re-read your post and actually think on what racism is… because it’s staring back at you when you look in the mirror.

        • “Chip” is the typical white, racist with the entitled frat boy mentality…

          Like those of his sorry ilk, “Chip” is totally irrelevant… A total loser, and he knows it.

          Way to go Etan!

  2. I’ll start by saying what she did was wrong. With that said I think Etan got a bit carried away with this. The part that I find disturbing is taking her picture and posting it on FB. He could have shared his story without a pic. We live in a world with many many mentally ill individuals. By putting her pic on FB for all to see puts her at serious risk of possible physical harm. It is not a stretch by any means. I think his pride got hurt when she denied him the seat and then allowed another man who happens to be white take the seat. The FB post and pic were his way of lashing out at her.

    • I love the fact that he posted her face on FB. It would be nice to see the faces of you cowards behind keyboards, too.

      Racism does NOT happen to you, so your hubris is not surprising at all.

      You entitled, race lottery winners talk big shit behind your computers all day, and night, but you wouldn’t dare say the BS that you convey on line to our faces, because you are natural born cowards…

      You operate well in mobs, but one-on-one, you are sissies to the max, and you know it. I laugh at you, and salute Eaton for outing this racist whore. Now everyone knows the true racist skank that she is.

  3. He chose to hit on her and was told ‘no’. Boo-hoo. Saw a black guy sit next to a white woman, she allowed it, although all other seats were empty, chatted with him, he followed her off the train, raped and murdered her. Call it ‘racist’ if you want. You may pick and choose who you want in your space.

    • i hate to have to agree with you, but I do. women need to be careful out in public. a lot more than the average guy has to. you don’t see guys being stalked, raped and murdered the way women do. sorry if it damaged his fragile ego. maybe he should man up and realize a person can’t tell if you’re a gentleman just by looking at you, even if you’re making an honest attempt (like he did) to be as courteous and civil as one can be.

      as far as racism goes… yeah he pulled the racism card, and just weakened the true fight against racism by whining about something petty.

      like it or not, people have a right not to like you and whatever race/group you appear to be a part of. there’s no law that requires a woman to like everyone. there are people that i don’t like, and it has nothing to do with their skin color, and everything to do with how they act.

      I grew up in NYC around racists and I never once pulled the racist card, no matter how much i could see the racism in their eyes. I just assumed they were all A-holes.

      I fully believe in what Morgan Freeman said about racism. If you want it to go away you have to stop talking about and stop giving it its power.

  4. Racist woman my assss! When you have black thugs running around the country assaulting whites in a game they call “the knockout game” or “polar bear hunting,” and when you have black thugs matter calling for the murder of cops, that woman had every right to say what she did. Then you have black thugs assaulting whites at political rallies and calling them racist for supporting Trump. If I had a fascist Facebook account I’d tell this jigaboo to get his tribe in order before calling others racist.

    • Your a walking advertisement against incest. Litterally one of the dumbest mofos i have ever met online.

  5. How is this woman at all racist? The one who seems to be racist here is Etan, and yes he did use the “race card” because he didnt get his way. What if the woman sitting there had been black and the same thing happened….then what? No one knows what her past is, if something has happened to her to create trust issues. Or could it be that black men in the U.S., in general, have a bad reputation…whos fault is that? All you “BLOWW HARD LIBERALS” with your opinions of entitlement are always blowing things way out of proportion. This woman doesn’t take her coffee black and now shes a racist…F#%k….cry me a river…… Hey Etan, not all white women are like the “Pro Hoes” you are used to…get over yourself.

  6. Ok this doesn’t add up.
    Apparently no open seats yet after she says no the dude sits in the next seat.. How about you stop trying to hit on women when you are not with your wife.

    You are a big man welcome to being treated like one. You will be turned down because of your size… even more so when you are on a bus.

  7. Way to go Etan!

    Exposing racist stink butts on social media works for me.

    All of these coward ass white thugs are pissed that you not only called this stupid, racist whore out, but you plastered her face on SM for everyone in the world to see. That’s what I call, “Yankee ingenuity.”

    This is a great way of exposing racist white people in AmeriKKKA in the 21st century. Similar to the way news organizations used to cover racist, white thugs’ barbaric treatment of black people during the 50’s and 60’s…


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