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Black Female Cadets’ Fist-Raised Photo Prompts Major Ruckus

black west point female cadets raised fists
his undated image obtained from Twitter on Saturday, May 7, 2016 shows 16 black, female cadets in uniform with their fists raised while posing for a photograph at the United States Military Academy at West Point, N.Y.

*Is the photo above of 16 black female West Point cadets with fists raised, a big deal?

Well, that depends on who you ask apparently. The U.S. Military Academy has launched an inquiry regarding the picture because some think the gesture violates military restrictions on political activity.

To put it bluntly, some think the women are showing their support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, reports theAP.

West Point is looking into whether the photo broke any rules, Spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Kasker said Saturday. It’s unclear how long the inquiry will take and too soon to say what consequences it could have for the cadets, who are poised to graduate May 21.

By campus tradition, groups of cadets often take pictures in traditional dress uniforms to echo historical portraits of their cadets. Indeed, a different picture of the same women, without the raised fists, was tweeted out by the chairwoman of the academy’s Board of Visitors, 1980 graduate Brenda Sue Fulton.

But the fists-up image, which circulated online, led some observers to question whether the women were expressing support for the Black Lives Matter movement, which grew out of protests over police killings of unarmed black men.

The Army Times, which first wrote about the photo Thursday, said several readers had written in to say they believed the cadets were breaching a Defense Department policy that says “members on active duty should not engage in partisan political activity,” with exceptions for voting and certain other things.

But that’s a lot of bunk as far Mary Tobin, a West Point graduate and mentor who knows the students, is concerned. She says the ladies were simply celebrating their forthcoming graduation as a shared accomplishment, like a sports team raising helmets after a win.

“It was a sign of unity,” Tobin, a 2003 graduate, told theAP. “They weren’t trying to imply any allegiance to any movement.”

In a way it’s understandable how some folks could relate a raised fist by someone black as making a political statement. The gesture, also known as the “Black Power Salute,” has caused controversy before … in particular at the 1968 Olympics when African American sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos lifted gloved fists in black power salutes during a medal ceremony at the Mexico City Olympics.

However, West Point cadets most likely didn’t have a clue that their gesture would be interpreted negatively and would draw the attention it has, said Tobin, who has spoken with them about it.

“Their frame of reference is: ‘Right now, we’re getting ready to graduate in three weeks, I’m standing here with my sisters …. We outlasted a lot of people, black or white, male or female,’ ” she said.

It’s also interesting to note that black women cadets are rarities at West Point, where about 70 percent of students are white and about 80 percent are men, although the percentage of women has been growing in recent starting classes.



  1. Racist white people love to start some shit when black people openly display love and pride for themselves. Inquiry? Investigation? Into what? GTFOH!

    This is just an excuse to try to smear the records of these young ladies, and target them for failure.

    I think it would be wiser for white people to spend more time examining the racist white people who are domestic terrorists in this nation – NOT these young ladies who are obviously proud they survived, and excelled in graduating from West Point. God only knows the BS they’ve endured at that institution.

    I marvel at how white people always want black people to “prove” something to them. The racist, white people in AmeriKKKA have so much to prove to black people, it isn’t funny. Not the other way around…

    The last time I checked black people did NOT hang white people for wanting to live in a certain neighborhood.

    The last time I checked, black people NEVER bombed churches with white people inside.

    The last time I checked, black people weren’t using the police force to molest and murder white people.

    Please hurry up and get over yourselves white people. You don’t own black people anymore…

    Salute to all of the ladies in this photograph. BTW, even if they were supporting BLM, so what?

    MFers are more upset about black people demanding a stop to the wanton murders of black people, than they are about racist white people hurting black people. GTFOH with that BS.

    Eff all of you miserable, racist, bastards, and your politricks.

    • Man, Nicholas I was getting so pissed while reading this article until I was fuming at the end. There were so many things that I wanted to say, but thankfully, you said it all. Thank you my Brother for your insightfulness. Now if we can get the rest of us as a people to realize the bullshit games these white folks play on a daily basis, then, and only then will things get better.

      • Congratulations, Nicholas and Sincere, you’ve put into words the same hate that these girls are showing through their photograph. You’ve proven once again that it isn’t remotely about “the content of our character”–just like the girls who self-segregated for this photo, you’ve chosen to obsess over race. To heck with transcendence; you want vengeance. Nothing will ever get better with the continued black victimhood mentality, where you spend your entire lives creating a racial tally-mark system, cherrypicking incidents to favor a perpetual persecution narrative.

        But who’s to blame? Racial tallies are what we’ve been doing for the last 40-50 years to atone for genuine unconstitutional actions from Jim Crow. We’ll never know if these “Sisters” got accepted to their elite taxpayer-funded education on merit, but the fact remains that they could have gotten accepted for no other reason than the amount of melanin in their skin. Racist white Amerikkka doesn’t get that same advantage. And yet you whine on “God only knows the BS they’ve endured at that institution”–and they chose to flip the bird at the end, showing that loyalty really is skin deep.

        In the end, your hatred of American institutions, which will never, ever accommodate you to your satisfaction, will only hurt you, since so much of the anger unconsciously internalized. BLM will fizzle the way Occupy Wall Street did. The rest of the world is moving on, and so will black Americans who doff the racial prism. The others? Well, they can find their “safe spaces” in Liberia, I guess.

        • Laurie, needless to say your long-winded speech was soooo eloquent. Please forgive me, I am at work…I have a business to run. I don’t have time to respond to you intelligently at the moment (you’d better wait until later, because you really do not want to hear what I have to say just yet). BLM? How ever said that except whitey? You all are in a panic whenever the Black
          man is awakened. We are NOT drinking the Kool-Aid (ie: Jim Jones…look it up!) Gotta go, there’s work to be done. I’ma holla at you thou…

  2. Blame it on Beyonce. It’s obvious white people are still hypersensitive about her Super Bowl performance. So for the time being, any black person caught raising their fist can prepare themself for catching hell.

    Everyone has their opinion on the BLM movement, but at the end of the day, it’s nothing more than a response to the disproportionately high rates at which blacks die at the hands of police. Does an organization as important as the US military really wants to classify perceived support for such a movement as purely political?

  3. Nicholas and Sincere, all I can say is ‘Right On!’ to your comments. Cueing up Curtis Mayfield’s ‘We’re a Winner’. Reds, after a while, you get tired of breaking things down to simple minded people.*Shrugs* It is what it is. The movement goes on…..

  4. Laurie gave the typical ignorant response from swines who think black people need white people’s permission to stand up for themselves. News flash, WE DO NOT.

    Please STFU, and have a permanent seat, you idiot.

    White supremacy is a myth, and will NOT be tolerated by black people any longer.

    BTW, I’m confident the parents of these amazing young ladies are “tax payers,” too. Your reference to “tax-payer funded education” is more of your willful ignorance on display.

    And for the record, BLM will NOT fade out like Occupy. Dream on you ignorant fool…

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