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Monyetta Shaw ‘Never Tasted the Seafood’ During 3somes with Ne-Yo

Monyetta Shaw

*Ne-Yo’s ex Monyetta Shaw was pushing her book on the latest episode of “Don’t Be Scared,” and she touched on some of the personal themes that she explores in the tome – such as comprising her values while she was in a long-term relationship with the R&B crooner. Monyetta claims she did things such as participate in threesomes because she “loves hard” and she “went hard” for the father of her two kids.

But she wants you to know one thing: she’s “never tasted the seafood.”

“I love hard and I went hard for my man, no question and I feel like I did those things at the time because I felt it was necessary and I was in love. If you would’ve told me that we weren’t gonna be together I would’ve told you that you were a damn lie. I knew that he had my heart and I had his heart no matter what,” Shaw told hosts David, Danni, Jah and Janee.

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Shaw also advises other women suffering with low self-esteem not to sign off on the ridiculous concept of “hall passes,” after admitting in the book that she gave her ex permission to cheat as long as he used protection (per Bossip):

“Absolutely not. Girl, run! Don’t do it! […] He has such an amazing heart, he’s such a good person he really is. He was my best friend, it was straight up ride or die. I just saw my family breaking up—I don’t know that world, my parents have been together 44 years. So I’m like, what do I need to do? What is it? I know this is your problem so here, this is what you gotta do thinking he’ll get over it. […] Even though I’m dying inside.”

On regretting having threesomes:

“You’re in a relationship, you know your partner, I wasn’t a prude. I went hard for my relationship, it kinda happened and that’s what it was,” Shaw explained. “The reason why I thought it was important to put it in there [the book] just when my daughter gets old enough to read it, or my son, it’s necessary [in the book] because whatever you do—you ain’t gon’ keep him. Maddie, don’t do it girl. If it’s not what you want…at the time it was what I wanted, I’m not proud of it and I wouldn’t recommend it if it’s not part of your lifestyle. […] I’ve never tasted the seafood, let’s be clear. […] I have no desire to taste the seafood,” she added.”

Listen to the show below:

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