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Prince’s Siblings Attend Packed Hearing; Judge Appoints Special Administrator

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson (c.) leaves the Minnesota courthouse where a judge appointment a special administrator to oversee the settlement of Prince's estate.
Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson (c.) leaves the Minnesota courthouse where a judge appointment a special administrator to oversee the settlement of Prince’s estate. (May 2, 2016)

*Five of Prince’s six living siblings attended a hearing in Minnesota Monday and gave their consent as a judge confirmed the appointment of a special administrator to oversee the singer’s assets and affairs.

The hearing, which lasted all of 10 minutes, was held to formalize the judge’s temporary appointment last week of Bremer Trust as the bank overseeing the inventory and continued administration of Prince’s estate.

As previously reported, Bremer gained access to Prince’s Paisley Park home last week, including his infamous music vault, and was unable to find evidence of a will.

According to the New York Daily News, Carver County District Court Judge Kevin Eide asked the packed courtroom whether anyone knew of a will, and the gallery — filled with the siblings, a dozen lawyers and about three dozen journalists — remained silent.

If no will is found, Minnesota law dictates his fortune will be divided equally among his brothers and sisters, regardless of their status as full or half sibling.

Per the New York Daily News:

Prince’s only full sibling Tyka Nelson wore sunglasses as she walked into court and did not speak to reporters as she left. Half siblings Alfred Jackson, Norrine Nelson, Sharon Nelson and Omarr Baker also were there. Half-sibling John Nelson did not attend, and it was not immediately clear why.

“The attorneys wanted me to emphasize that the parties expressed confidence with Bremer Trust and a willingness to openly communicate,” Judge Eide said.

“None of us has a crystal ball. Who knows what claims will be made, who will appear as a potential heir. We’ll address it as they come,” the judge said.

A source recently told the Daily News that some relatives are concerned about the heir of an oft-reported half sibling named Duane Nelson. Duane grew up as a paternal half-brother to Prince but learned in his teen years that Prince’s dad wasn’t his biological father, a different source told The Daily News last week. Duane died in 2011 and was not listed as a relative in the probate paperwork filed by Tyka last week.

A granddaughter who is still a minor reportedly is Duane’s only living heir, and Prince’s siblings are struggling to reach agreement on how she should be treated since they continued to view Duane as a brother even after the paternity revelation, the first source said.



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