Saturday, September 24, 2022

OMG! Did Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, Really Respond to My Friendly ‘Hello?’

mark z

*Is it just a coincidence that shortly after I sent a friendly email to Mark Zuckerberg through “his people” saying a simple “Hello,” I got an email from the Facebook founder himself?

In the email, which really, I swear, I didn’t even have an agenda for sending, I simply mentioned that I had just finished writing an article about him and then I clicked on send. I was actually on Facebook, uploading the article (which I didn’t even link to him in the email) at the time. No big deal, I do this with at least 85% of my articles. I don’t recall what it was that drew my attention to the man, personally. But it was SOMETHING that appeared on Facebook, and I just responded to it.

But I did NOT expect anything to come of my little friendly ‘hello’.

OK, let me come clean. All I know is I got an email from Mark Zuckerberg through asking me to sign a petition to ask Congress to support Computer Science in every K-12 school in the country.

I know. I know. ANYBODY could’ve sent it. But still, give me my damn moment! Mr. Z’s name was on the email and it was sent to ME…DBP!

Stop hatin’. 🙂

So now, on behalf of Mr. Z. (my own personal name for Mark Zuckerberg…I hope he won’t mind), I am sharing this petition which, all joking aside, really needs all of our support.

Won’t you help convince Congress to take a serious interest in ensuring EVERY child in public school will be able to learn computer science — even starting as early as Kindergarten. That this knowledge will change the future for these children because technology IS the future and them learning about it will mean they will NEVER be without work?

Please find the petition here.

And thank you for taking the time to read this in spite of my silly little rant.

AND “MR. Z” in the event you do read this, will you reconsider your latest “action” and start sending FB readers back to small online publications? You’re already BIG. We’re trying to get there. I thank you on their behalf.

Read more at EURThisNthat.




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