Tuesday, September 27, 2022

No ‘Beckys’ at ‘The Talk’: Did Iggy Throw Bey Shade?

No ‘Becky’s’ at ‘The Talk’: Hosts Discuss Iggy’s Bey Shade
*The hosts discuss Iggy Azalea being offended by Beyoncé’s choice of words in “Lemonade,” tweeting: “Don’t ever call me a ‘Becky.’” Aisha Tyler says, “I don’t think it was Bey-shade…” Sharon Osbourne interrupts, “What is Bey shade? This is a whole new language.” Julie Chen explains, ‘Bey’ is short for Beyoncé and shade, ‘throwing shade’. Osbourne jokes to Chen, “Shut up, Becky!” Pointing to herself, Chen quips, “Ming Lee!” After some laughs Tyler explains, “All I want to say is that Iggy is a woman in male game, which is hip hop, and she’s a white woman in a black person’s game, which is hip hop. And I’m sure she’s been called Becky hundreds of times before this album came out.” Sara Gilbert continues, “I totally see what you’re saying Sha nay nay…” to which Tyler ends the humorous banter, “Right back at you, Rachel!”

John Stamos Reveals Origins of Uncle Jesse’s Catchphrase ‘Have Mercy’ 
Sara Gilbert congratulates John Stamos on “Fuller House” getting picked up for a second season and asks about where his character, Uncle Jesse’s catchphrase “have mercy” came from. John Stamos says, “I was with Garry Marshall the other night, he always told me, ‘you have to have a catch phrase John, Fonzie had “ayy” ‘… he goes on, “I think it was from the song in “Pretty Woman”, I think it was diabolically genius of me because it’s a catch phrase where people are complimenting you, it’s like saying ‘hey you’re hot!’ ”

John Stamos Teases Big Developments On ‘Grandfathered’
John Stamos visits “The Talk” to discuss his new show “Grandfathered.” His character transitions from playboy to grandfather in the first season, and Stamos hints that there are big things on the romantic horizon. “We’re setting up a sort of ‘Will They or Won’t They’ with Sarah, played by Paget Brewster, who’s the mother of my son…I think I’m going to get close to getting back to Sarah; certainly a kiss is going to happen.” 

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