Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Pres. Obama Gets Connect 4 Win Over Curry in New Mentorship PSA

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*The basketball world is Stephen Curry’s to run, but when it comes to Connect 4, the NBA MVP yields to a higher power in President Barack Obama.

All in the name of mentorship. Or rather a new mentorship PSA that premiered Sunday (April 17) on “NBA Countdown.”

In the video, Obama gives Curry a loss to remember as the importance of mentoring is highlighted while challenging Americans to do their part in making an impact on the life of a young person in their community with becoming a mentor, theYBF reports..

The arrival of the PSA comes months after the MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, launched the “In Real Life” campaign. The campaign, launched in January, is part of MENTOR’s ongoing response to Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative, ‎a national call to action to address persistent opportunity gaps facing boys and young men of color in an effort to ensure all youth reach their full potential.

Throughout Obama’s time in office, the program has resulted in participation from various men ranging from everyday fathers and local businessmen to men with ambition, celebrities and sports figures. Supporters include the National Basketball Association (NBA), the National Basketball Players Association, and the NBA Retired Players Association, who have all challenged Americans to become mentors in order to provide every young person meaningful relationships that give way to networks of support and opportunity.

News of Curry’s participation in the mentorship PSA comes as the Golden State Warrior’s status remains unclear going into game two of the NBA Western Conference playoff series against the Houston Rockets.

On Saturday, Curry suffered a mild ankle injury after twisting his right ankle in the second quarter of the game, which saw him earning a game-high 24 points. The Warriors ultimately came out on top of the Rockets upon kicking off the series with a 104-78 victory.

Game two in the series takes place tonight (04-18-16) at Oracle Arena. To see the mentorship featuring Curry and Obama’s Connect 4 showdown, check out the video below:




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