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Did Kanye Pay Artist $100K to Paint Over ‘Kissing Kanye’ Mural?

Kanye West kissing himself
CREDIT: Scott Marsh/Twitter

*We all know Kanye West is a big fan of himself, so it’s understandable – and quite hilarious – that Australian artist Scott Marsh used some creative license to construct a 20-foot-mural of “The Life of Pablo” artist kissing himself. However, it seems as if “someone” (most likely Mr. West himself) has paid Marsh a $100,000 to paint over the mural.

Shortly after the 2015 Grammys, a photo of Kanye West kissing Kim Kardashian was photoshopped so that Kanye was kissing a clone of himself. (And grabbing his own butt.)

According to Gentlemen’s Quarterly, West wasn’t a fan of the mural from the beginning, and Marsh publicly asked for a large sum of money for a “buffed” print of the mural (along with a lifetime of Yeezy Boost) and said if he received it, he would paint over the mural.

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Well according to Marsh “someone” from Kanye’s management team paid him $100,000 to do away with the mural. Despite his alleged debt, would Kanye really pay $100,000 to have a 20-foot-high mural destroyed?

Check out Marsh’s IG posts about the mural below.

In related news, PEOPLE notes that after performing his controversial “Famous” lyric about Taylor Swift during a show Saturday night in Manila, Philippines, West called the night he interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards “the beginning of the end of my life.”

“This is the song that broke the writer’s block for me, because it’s something I wanted to say so bad,” West said. “So if I get in trouble for saying the truth, what’s being said the rest of the time? And I had to fight every day of my life, with the whole world turned against me, for saying out loud what everyone else felt. But that’s the job of an artist, of a true artist: not to be controlled by their finances, not to be controlled by perceptions, but only to be controlled by their truth.”

Its been real yeezy ✌?️ #kanyeloveskanye #kanyewest #yeezy #kanye #zigis #scottmarsh

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