Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Cop ‘Body Slams’ 12-Year-Old Girl, Now on Paid Admin Leave

Body slam

*I’m convinced. At the rate excessive force is being used by police officers today, seemingly without a second thought, and even when they know they are being videotaped, the hiring process is obviously not stringent enough.

Apparently, the initial six month training, followed by another six months to a year of shadowing an experienced officer is not sufficient.

If it were, perhaps they wouldn’t be so easily enraged.

Joshua Kehm, a school resource officer who was videotaped as he body slammed 12-year-old Janissa Valdez, who had allegedly gotten into a fight with another student, is now on administrative leave while an investigation ensues to decide if excessive force was used.

Why an investigation when one can just look at the video. If there is the need for an investigation, wouldn’t it be to identify what led to the officer’s actions? We can already see the force used was excessive.

And the outcome is always the same after these “investigations.” We never know how the officer is held accountable in the process? What exactly, if anything, is done in the line of additional training. Is it a conversation with the cop? Classroom study? Is the officer laid out on a couch and shown a variety of situations on film while needles are stuck in his head that zig-zag if his thoughts are off-kilter?


The incident took place at Rhodes Middle School in San Antonio, Texas last week . Kehm intervened when Valdez and another female students got in each others’ face.

According to mySanAntonio:

A YouTube video posted on Tuesday shows the officer struggling to restrain one of the female student’s who was later identified by her mother as 12-year-old Janissa Valdez. Other students are standing on either side of the pathway, some frowning, others smiling and laughing, using cellphones to record the incident. Some students can be heard urging the girl to “chill,” then the officer suddenly throws her down.

Watch the video at EURThisNthat.



  1. Anyone who justifies this barbarian’s excessive force on this 12 year old child is certifiable…

    This butthole actually received a paid vacation for abusing this child… My God of Zion…

  2. the hiring process is obviously not stringent enough.

    You worrying about the wrong thing. Folks can always fake their way through an interview. What you need to be worrying about, is the stringency of the firing process.
    I don’t see how the fuck he gets away with it. We talking about a brick pavement, not dirt and grass. He also fucked with the wrong race this time. Mexicans have a lot of clout in San Antonio.


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