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#BlackLivesMatter Activists Seething Over Ray Lewis Facebook Rant (WATCH)

*Today (04-07-16) on News One Now, Roland Martin and Black Lives Matter Activists talked about former NFL Player Ray Lewis’ Facebook rant concerning the activism efforts of #Black Lives Matter within the Black community.

We Must Change What We Are Doingmy heart is hurting – we must do better

Posted by Ray Lewis on Saturday, April 2, 2016

As you see above, Lewis blasted the Black Lives Matter activists for allegedly not standing up against Black on Black crimes committed in the Black communities in inner cities.

The video with over 2 million views, sparked a fact-checking conversation among the panelists which included Black Lives Matter Activists Tamika Mallory and Dr. Melina Abdullah.

Black Lives Matter Coordinator, Tamika Mallory said, “The question that I have, before you speak out against What is Black Lives Matter doing, you should first ask yourself what is Ray Lewis doing? How much have you been supportive of those of us who are on the ground and can’t necessarily get funding or jobs into communities as you have stated. There are many ills in the communities that create this environment where violence exists, not just in Chicago, but in Brooklyn and the city in which I live and in cities all around the country. And so it is easy to make blanket statements and it seems he wanted to show people that he was learning how to preach. He should not have spoken. As a matter of fact, I agree that more people need to care. But caring is not all we need. We need people to do the work. So I would say to Ray Lewis that he should be organizing his athlete buddies to show up and get involved and help these organizations do the work.”

Watch the response to Ray Lewis’ rant”:

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  1. Black Lives Matter Coordinator, Tamika Mallory said, “The question that I have, before you speak out against What is Black Lives Matter doing, you should first ask yourself what is Ray Lewis doing? WHAT IS HE DOING? TAMIKA IS AN IDIOT…RAY IS TELLING THR TRUTH YET SHE IGNORES IT…PATHETIC HER…

  2. Fuck Ray Lewis. I used to respect him, but i can see he stands for nothing. BLM is in the communities all of the time trying to stem the tide of violence.

    Stupid MFers like Ray, and kingasshole fail to realize the press DOES NOT cover those events.

    I know because I am one of the BLM persons doing outreach in Los Angeles every single week. Three times a week to be exact.

    So Ray, kingasshole, and the rest of you sorry MFers need to either roll up your sleeves and help, or shut the fuck up!

  3. Every word he spoke is the truth. BLM is akin to a gang of people stamping out a fire in an ashtray while the house burns down around them. On another more positive note, Mr. Lewis’s tailor must be fabulous. It must take mad talent to make three legged trousers. And don’t be trying to act all brand new, like I’m the only one who noticed.

  4. BLM is bull. They need to address black on black. What they are really saying is black lives only matter when a white person commits a crime against a black person.

  5. BLM does address crime in the black community. The reason you don’t hear, or know about that are as follows:

    1) The press does not cover stories regarding BLM conducting informational meetings to stop the violence and increase the peace. They don’t cover BLM rallies condemning the violence. How do I know,? because I’m at those community meetings, and rallies. Are you?

    2) Racist white people who control the information in this nation make too much money off of the denigration of the black community. It’s big business. How do I know,? because I spent 30 years as a TV cameraman in news and documentary units at the networks. I know the inner workings of the corporate media machine. Do you?

    It is so easy to sit on one’s ass and criticize, but it takes great courage to stand up to a system determined to annihilate you.

    Deflecting isn’t hard at all. Racist white folks, and coons like Ray have been doing that since our ancestors were kidnapped, and brought here by force.

    Same as it ever was…

    Help out, or shut the fuck up.

  6. Ray Lewis was a participant in murdering 2 young Black men in Atlanta.
    I don’t think he needs to be a spokesman for this topic!

    • How can you be a “participant” in a murder? You can’t be a participant in a murder without being a murderer. Lewis never murdered anyone.

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