Thursday, May 13, 2021

Keisha Knight Pulliam Shuts Down Amber Rose’s Bill Cosby Diss (LISTEN)

keisha knight-pulliam & amber rose
*The other day Keisha Knight Pulliam drew a line in the sand for Amber Rose regarding her TV dad and friend, Bill Cosby.

Keisha hosts a podcast called “Kandidly Keisha” and Amber Rose was her guest. Things were going real peachy … until Amber got kinda “kandid” and brought up the Coz and his current well documented trials and tribulations.

“Sometimes I get very frustrated when I see guys call girls hoes or when people like…stick up for Bill Cosby.”

Uh oh, dem is fightin’ words as far as Keisha is concerned. Miss Pulliam stopped Amber dead in her tracks before another word was muttered with this:

“I feel you and everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But, you know we still live in a country where you’re innocent until proven guilty,” explained the former Cosby Show star. “And I understand everything that’s happened and me being a feminist and believing women. No means no and I get that. But, just so you know I did work with him for a really long time. I love him dearly still and that isn’t the man that I know.”

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After that, Amber seemingly didn’t want to do a back and forth so she let alone.

“I totally get it, 100%. We’re gonna have our own opinions about that. My whole thing is, I feel like celebrity and classism and double standards all take a role in society and how we treat people.”

Meanwhile, Keiaha made a sharp turn and changed the subject to Amber’s infamous Slut Walk.

You can check out the convo between Amber and Kiesha below as featured on V103’s The Ryan Report: The RCMS w/ Wanda Smith.

Oh yeah, even though Amber dropped the talk about Cosby while she was on the “Kandidly Keisha” podcast, she apparently decided say her mind on the issue via another medium, her Instagram page by posting the MuvaMoji below.


A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose) on

Hmm, something tells us Amber won’t on Keisha’s podcast anytime soon



  1. I don’t understand how Keisha could still be in denial. There are far too many women making claims of sexual misconduct, rape, being drugged and so on. Cosby admitted to drugging the women for sex. He was arrested. What more does she need in order to see the truth? I get it that she knew him back then but no one knows everything about people they were close to at one time…or even people they are close to now. People hide their secrets. It’s not like he was going to say ‘Hey Keisha…guess what I did over the weekend’…or ‘Guess who I did’. I don’t care how well she thinks she knows him….she doesn’t. People thought they knew Jeffrey Dahmer too.

  2. So, the women are all guilty of making false rape accusations until proven innocent? (You can’t have it both ways here.)


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