Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Lil Jon Refusing to Pay Taxes; K. Michelle’s Drug Confession (WATCH)

lil jon

*Looks like Lil Jon and K. Michelle are caught up in individual personal turmoil.

For Lil John, this issues come via accusations of him refusing to pay his back taxes, theJasmineBrand reports. Fulton County tax records reveal the accusations come from the Georgia Department of Revenue, which claims Lil Jon owes them back taxes for the year 2007.

Broken down, Lil Jon’s tax debt was originally $68,406. With his refusal to pay the state, collection fees ($26,000), interest ($64,000) and other costs upped the amount owed to $159,798.54.

For it’s part, the Department stated that Lil Jon, despite their demands, has failed to pay his taxes. As a result, the agency is taking steps to get its money by possibly seizing and selling off Lil Jon’s assets and property.

Lil Jon’s current financial issues are the latest in his history of recent troubles that involve him being hit with multiple liens by home construction companies amid accusations of him screwing them out of more than $22,000 in bills for work they did on his Georgia mansion.

k-michelle As Lil Jon endures his tax situation, K. Michelle is making public her struggle to balance staying healthy with actively maintaining her music career.

During an appearance on Sway In The Morning on Shade45 to promote her latest album, “More Issues Than Vogue,” K. Michelle became emotional while opening up about her inability to sleep and eat at times. The issue is so pressing that a doctor stepped in to prescribe medication.

“I’m always super honest. I don’t sleep, and he has to give me medicine to sleep, but then they have to give me medicine to stay up,” K. Michelle confessed. “He’s like ‘this album has to be over, we have to get a real schedule.’ Because then, if I can’t sleep, they give you sleeping pills. It’s a balance, but then they give you stuff for energy. It’s just.. I have to do better.”

To see K. Michelle’s entire “Sway in the Morning” interview, check out the video below:



  1. This confession just might explain her over the top behavior. KM is an excellent songwriter, and singer. I personally love her music. But, her loose tongue, and loose cannon type of attitude/personality are very hard to ignore.

    She has improved a lot, but she still has those major flirt ups occasionally, that takes us back to her past.

    We wish her much success.

  2. Here is an excellent example of what the public received when the people in the United States, voted for that stupid Barack Obama, When you listen to this empty headed- K.Michelle, This is a total “Disaster! She has no “Talent”, She can not speak proper English, and the “Garbage” She calls music is total “Rhetoric”! “No wonder “Black” lives do not matter! Byanoce, K.Michelle, Kon-ye West, all of you are not artists and you need to “Stay out” of the public eye. All of you are a disgrace to the music industry. Not one,”Not-One”; Of you can fit into the world of entertainment,! When a person hears you speak; “You talk like a bunch of “Tomato, cotton, and water melon pickers! “Not” to speak with any sort of respect for other artists; Just get out of the “Music” business! You did nothing but make a big “Mess of all of the things you call music!. Get-Out- Now, And take Obama, with you.

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