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Nicki Minaj Leaked D’Angelo Russell’s Nick Young Tape Over Iggy Azalea Beef?

D'Angelo Russell
D’Angelo Russell

*After D’Angelo Russell secretly recorded his Los Angeles Lakers teammate Nick Young divulging his sexual activity outside of fiancée Iggy Azalea, the player has apologized over and over; and one source is claiming that Nicki Minaj’s camp is behind the video’s leak to social media – due to her ongoing beef with Azalea.

As previously reported, Russell, 20, is said to have been ostracized by his teammates, who no longer trust him.

Speaking before Wednesday night’s home game against Miami, Russell apologized profusely for recording the video, saying his actions have created ”a bad vibe” on the last-place team.

Russell also acknowledged that the video might have ruined Young’s relationship with Azalea.

”I feel as sick as possible,” Russell said. ”I wish I could make things better right away, but I can’t.”

In Russell’s video, the 20-year-old point guard asks Young about being with women other than Azalea. Russell claimed he has no idea how the video became public, claiming he didn’t post it on social media or send it to any friends.

”That’s the two-and-two I’m trying to put together, me and my team,” said Russell, who also declined to blame the leak on phone hacking. ”I have no clue how that got out.”



According to ESPN 97.5 Houston, Nicki Minaj’s camp masterminded the whole video leak, recorded from Russell’s Snapchat. Apparently, it was an act of revenge after Iggy took some shots at Minaj on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” last week, claiming Nicki didn’t write her own rhymes.

Gossip writer Famelous, which posted Russell’s video, told the “HD Show”:  “Somebody from Nicki Minaj’s camp, a source, got the video and they sent it in. And they said here put this out because Iggy want to talk mess about Nicki Minaj, put this out and let her know what her fiance is doing… It had nothing to do with the basketball players.”

Listen below:

Meanwhile, Lakers fans D’Angelo Russell have it during pregame introductions and in the opening minutes against the Miami Heat Wednesday night. Some reportedly shouted ”Snitch!” and ”Traitor!” from the stands at Staples Center.

Watch below:

Russell disagreed with claims that his teammates have isolated him, but he knows they aren’t happy.

”I know if I’ve lost anybody’s trust, I’m going to work my tail off to gain it back, because that’s something you need for a winning team,” Russell said. ”You need everybody to trust each other. You need the first guy to trust the 15th guy, and that’s my intentions.”

Young was uncharacteristically downbeat in his own brief comments before Wednesday’s game.

”I don’t want to get into my personal life right now,” Young said. ”I think it’s best me and D’Angelo handle the situation we have in a private manner, outside the media. I think it’s something we really do need to sit down and talk about. That’s about it. What happened is what happened. We’ve got to work on it.”

Azalea’s wedding to Young had been postponed even before the video sh**-storm. The Australian pop star posted an interesting response on her Twitter account: ”hmmm i see D Angelo Russell is trending… I actually liked his film. Thanks bro.”

Russell said he intended the video to be part of their supposed back-and-forth pranking, claiming Young was among his closest friends on the team.

”He’s one of the guys that I’ve always talked to about anything, and I cherished our friendship,” Russell said. ”And for me to have an incident like this come up and put it in jeopardy is not what I was intending to do.”

Russell acknowledged saying ”crazy things” in his daily conversations with Young, but claimed the video wasn’t a prank gone wrong.

”At this point, the damage has been done,” Russell said. ”The best thing you can do is own up to it. That’s what I did, and I’m owning up to it to full effect, and just taking what comes with it.”

Watch Russell and Nick Young discuss the messiness in their respective press conferences, below:

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  1. Bad things happen to everybody. It’s very unfortunate that it happened the way that it did. Whomever or however the information got exposed was wrong and damaging to all involved.

    If the information was exposed for a harmful purpose, nothing good comes from harming someone else, or from hurting other people.

    Hopefully, there will be a lot of self inventory going on behind the scenes. We all have flaws. We all have weakness. We all make mistakes. We are human beings. Human beings make mistakes, because human being are NOT perfect. And perfect relationships, perfect marriages DO NOT EXIST.

  2. Iggy is a non factor. It makes me sick this site is giving someone who clearly appropriates our culture any space. How about a positive story about a young BLACK woman instead.

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