Monday, January 25, 2021

Actors LaRita Shelby and Bill Duke on ‘The Actor’s Choice’ (WATCH)

(L-R) LaRita Shelby, Ron Brewington and Bill Duke
(L-R) LaRita Shelby, Ron Brewington and Bill Duke

Los Angeles, CA – Noted actress, singer (and EURweb associate) LaRita Shelby along with renowned actor, director, and producer Bill Duke were guests on this week’s “The Actor’s Choice” with host Ron Brewington.

Shelby, a woman of many talents, including radio, television and film talks about what it was like getting started in the business in 1987 with her first TV role, “What’s Happening Now!” and meeting numerous fellow actors and actresses.

“South Central” was her first film role in 1992, where she played actor Glenn Plummer’s girlfriend (Carole). Fellow performers in that film included Starletta DuPois, Reginald T. Dorsey and Carl Lumbly.

She also discussed her seven-year role as host and producer of ‘The LaRita Shelby Show’ for Armed Forces Radio & Television Service (AFRTS). Shelby is currently seeking recognition for the many military and civilian broadcasters who brought news and entertainment to thousands of U.S. military personnel who served all over the world.

Duke, talked about his new project, ‘Joe Lewis-Max Schmeling Movie Project.’ He discussed the planned method (called crowdfunding) of raising $200,000 for the project. Please click on links to learn more……/joe-louis-max-schmeling-movie-crowdfu…/…

Duke also discusses several future projects that he’s got on the drawing board.

To see the entire one-hour program, please click on:

“The Actor’s Choice” is a weekly internet television talk show, seen live each and every Monday at 11:30AM PST on where guest(s) share their experiences and insights with the audience about working as actors and actresses.


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