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Columbus Short Responds to Karrine Steffans Putting Him Out & on Blast

columbus short & karrine steffans

*Yesterday (03-29-16) we brought you news of the drama between Karrine Steffans and Columbus Short.

As predicted by anybody with eyesight, their approximately six-months long marriage was doomed from the beginning because they are both walking train wrecks when it comes to relationships and stable personalities.

In any event, Steffans took to Instagram to air out her “cheating ass” husband:

Somebody come get @officialshort cheating ass and all his s–t,” Steffans, 37, captioned an Instagram photo of Short’s clothes strewn about the lobby of a building. “What about you @aida006… still want him? And @candicernb… you f—ed my husband… want him?”

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Steffans also posted a video detailing the damage up close. “Nobody has anything to say,” she says, showing off his underwear and pants. “Nobody has anything to f—ing say.”

You okay @officialcshort?

A video posted by Mrs. Karrine Short (@karrineandco) on

In the wake of Steffans’ actions, the actor  took to Twitter to among other things, thank his heartbroken and pissed off wife for giving him place to stay and for giving him peace of mind.

“It ain’t the first time I’ve been homeless. But will definitely be the last!!” Short tweeted on Tuesday.

He aded:

“Just want to say….that it’s unfortunate that way things end up. I felt truly that a woman gave me a home and a place to get my mind right… And a place to maturate gifts that I wasn’t able to foster, without stability. I love Karin and her brilliantly talented son. But toxicity… of any kind isn’t healthy for anyone. I’ve been working hard to bring you guys quality movies, music and art. And that’s exactly what will… Continue to happen. How could you not love a woman who took you in a broken place and allow you to heal. I’m thankful for the journey an… most of all UNBROKEN……If I’m still standing you have no excuse! #MoreThanConquerers”

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