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Upcoming Clinic: Fresh Start Prop 47 & Traffic Ticket Amnesty – April 16

Prop 47, Fresh Start
Clinic: Fresh Start Prop 47 & Traffic Ticket Amnesty . The next clinic is April 16th. Register now. Spaces fill up quickly.

* Spaces are filling up quickly for the free  Fresh Start  Prop 47  & Traffic Ticket Amnesty Legal Clinic. The next clinic is April 16th at Howard Recreational Center at 1535 W. 62nd Street in Los Angeles. From 9AM to 3PM.

Prop 47

Prop 47 reduces most non-serious and nonviolent property and drug crimes from felonies to misdemeanors that are $950 or less, including forgery, writing bad checks, shoplifting, petty theft and simple drug possession.  Under Prop 47 many will be made eligible for a record expungement.

For Traffic Ticket Amnesty, this new program reduces the overall fines owed on eligible tickets by 50% to 80%. Drivers licenses suspended for failure to appear and/or failure to pay ticket fines are eligible for immediate reinstatement under this program.

The free clinic will offer participants access to attorneys and legal paraprofessionals with legal counsel to clean up and reduce their respective criminal records under Prop 47.

Many participants may qualify to have their driver’s license reinstated, as well as pay off unpaid tickets under the new traffic ticket amnesty program.

Fresh Start Legal Clinic attorneys will review each participant’s case, determine eligibility, and help them apply for these life changing programs.

This opportunity is being made possible by a coalition of community organizations including, Jenesse Center Legal Advisory Committee, IMPACT LA, One Justice, Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, One LA, Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, Californians for Safety and Justice, John M. Langston Bar Association of Los Angeles County, L.A. County Public Defender’s Office and A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project.

The organizers hope Los Angeles residents will take advantage of the clinic due to the expiration date of 2017 for Prop 47 and Traffic Amnesty programs.

Alyson Messenger, Jenesse Managing Attorney and event organizer said, “Jenesse is excited to be part of the effort to help eligible community members access these life changing programs. This project also advances Jenesse’s mission to go beyond shelter in proactively addressing those issues that lead to violence, including domestic violence, in our communities.

Jenesse and our Legal Advisory Committee is proud to be aligned with so many distinguished partners who have a demonstrated commitment to access to justice and look forward to an exciting day of pro bono service.”

Kelsey Williams, Staff Attorney for OneJustice said, “OneJustice is excited to continue its partnership with Jenesse Center Inc. thorough IMPACT LA to expand access to legal services for survivors of domestic violence in South Los Angeles. Traffic Ticket Amnesty and Proposition 47 are vital programs that support Angelenos trying to better their lives. We are thrilled to be able to provide access to these time-limited programs here in Los Angeles.”

Participants must register in advance.  Spaces are filling up quickly.  To sign up, call 213- 465-0070.

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