Thursday, May 26, 2022

Rashida Jones’ New Dramedy; Fatima Robinson Remembers Aaliyah (Videos)

Rashida-Jones*Rashida Jones is working behind the scenes on the small screen as she gears up to co-produce a new dramedy called “Claws.”

According to Essence, the hour-long show, which Jones will co-produce with Will McCormack, is a playful adaptation of Warner Brother’s “Le Tain Train” that will take on the world of organized crime as it centers on five Florida-based ringleaders who moonlight as manicurists at the Nail Artisan of Mantee County salon.

As Jones gets her criminal on, Fatima Robinson reaches back in time while remembering her close friend, the late R&B icon, Aaliyah.

Essence reports that Robinson is involved in the creation of a nostalgic 90s television show for NBC.

In an interview with Essence Live, the choreographer and music video director acknowledged that the show is in its early stages with a team just beginning to form.

fatima-robinsonDespite this, Robinson did reveal that the show will be an “inside look into a dancer’s world and the music industry. It will feel modern with a little nostalgia.”

“At the time we didn’t realize we were trailblazing as hip-hop kids with these creative people, we were just dancing,” she said, regarding the period the show is set in and how things were at that time. We didn’t realize we were trailblazing.”

As the interview continued, Robinson touched on the love she has for fans that are keeping Aaliyah’s memory alive. Throughout the “Back & Forth” singer’s career, the pair worked closely together and formed a tight friendship.

“It’s great that everybody appreciates what she did for the short time she was here and it’s amazing that her legacy is still alive, it’s amazing,” Robinson said.

Aaliyah videos choreographed by Robinson included those for the hit songs “Try Again,” “Are You That Somebody,” “More Than a Woman” and “Rock the Boat.”




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