Sunday, September 25, 2022

WATCH: NBA Legend Norm Nixon Keynotes LA Times Multicultural Business Forum

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*The Los Angeles Times’ Multicultural Business Forum (MBF16) which featured former NBA star, entrepreneur and Fox Sports/NBA analyst Norm Nixon as its Keynote speaker, aims to inspire and educate business owners in various communities on starting, sustaining and growing their small businesses.

All of the attendees including EUR associate Loren Lorosa got the chance to hear from business leaders, founders, and partners on the key to profitable business endeavors.

The evening started out with a panel moderated by Tanya Hart of “Hollywood Live with Tanya Hart.” The panel including amazing enlightenment from industry professionals dwelling from companies including H&R Block, Morgan Stanley, The MDBA Business Center of LA, ESP Public Relations, The US Patent and Trademark Office and also included one of the founded faces of the Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles chain.

When asked how millennials of today’s time can apply basic business principals used during the panels time of company founding to the digital boom currently happening today there was an echoing answer- “learn your market, perfect your craft and become the best spokesperson for your brand than anyone has ever seen.”

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To top off the night keynote speaker, Norm Nixon, delivered his methodology on making business work while chasing your passion.

“I played basketball for many years of my life. Throughout these years I learned technique and discipline that has transcended into many business ventures and a beautiful family, these same techniques can be applied to any aspect of your life.”

Norm then went on to explain the similarities between knowing your team on the basketball court and knowing your employees. He broke down the rules of business start-up and success in comparison to the game of basketball, reminding us all that the fundamentals of studying your opponent (competition), setting a focus on your goal (planning), perfecting your buzzer beater (your product, service or overall brand) and deciphering the best way to stay connected with your audience (target market) will also lead you and your team to a win! AKA a profitable business.

The night ended with an hour full of laughter and networking as the session broke into a catered reception style venue all geared around making better business amongst a diverse community in the Los Angeles area and all around the world.

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