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Cardi B Blasts ‘Old, Washed Up’ Peter Gunz on ‘L&HH:NY’ Reunion

Cardi B
via Twitter

*If you missed it, Cardi B came for Peter Gunz’s a** on Sunday’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York” reunion show, where Amina Buddafly revealed that she’s pregnant again with husband Peter’s baby.

This is the second child the pair have, but his 10th child in total. Cardi called out the Bronx MC for his treatment of Amina and Tara Wallace (who is currently nine months pregnant by him).

Cardi referred to the Peter as “an old, washed up man, who f–king b**ches lives up and their reputations.”

“Men like you are the type of men I be talkin’ about…you get p***y out of both of them, and what are they gettin’ return? What are they getting in return?! They look stupid on TV,” she said,

Peter responded by telling Cardi to go “back to the basement where you got your butt shots” adding that she doesn’t love herself.  After the reunion Cardi took to Twitter, writing “Peter Is Just Sick!! This Should Be Illegal!!”

Meanwhile, Gunz posted an Instagram picture on Monday of himself and some of his children, along with the caption, “At the end of the day all that matters…”

Amina says she’s sincerely looking forward to her second pregnancy. She recently shared an Instagram pic of growing bump, and captioned it with an explanation to inquisitive fans why she decided to have another child with Peter after terminating a previous one due to the drama surrounding the love triangle that is her, her hubby and Tara.

“”I Got pregnant again because I made love to the man I love.” Now y’all can debate on why we did it until ya hair turns grey.. I feel good knowing that WE know and you just ‘think’ you know… A baby does not keep a man and being spiteful does not make you a winner! This is not a game. This is my life,” she said.

Ny MaGee
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  1. I wish reality shows would vanish. These women are making an a** out of themselves. Stop blaming these rappers for messing up your lives. You did that all by yourself. Please get off of TV and find a real job instead of making black women look bad. Who in there right mind would have a baby by a man with 10 kids? Ladies please up your standards. We can’t ask men to respect us if we don’t respect ourselves. But she is right about one thing Peter Gunz is a one hit wonder who should have a court ordered vasectomy like yesterday. Just a society of nuts!

  2. This man, oops, human being Peter is one trifling motherf–ker, but the two women that keep being involved with him are just as trifling. They deserve exactly what they get. I too wish they would get off the tv and stop degrading themselves nationally and bringing children into this circus. They look downright stupid. They will regret their choices.

    • So SoTrue. Peter is not taking responsible for any of this. Yeh he loves his kids I guess all 10 of them, however, he seemed to care less how this looks and how he looks. It goes to show woman that when confronted with his sh-t he started talking like the fool he is. Peter YOU need to go down the basement yourself and get on your knees for screwing up these so call women who don’t know the first thing about self respect and he could care less how it looks. Quite frankly he is starting to look old and his skin has starred to wrinkle and eventully his d-ck will shrivel up.On the other hand Amina, AND Tara are looking crazy fighting over a man that disrespects both of them. then, Tara keep talking bout how good Peter is with his boys and how much fun they had during the 13yrs, B. Can’t you get it in your head or are you that stupid to think it was ok to have another baby by this arrogant Bastard, I don’t care how many years you were together.he DIDNOT marry you.

      On another note Amina (the clueless one) don’t seem to get it aside from whining, because She has taken so much off of Peter AND Tara. The picture of him walking down the hall after he had slept with Tara (on the floor mind you. (real nasty.) Tara had to be desperate to allow that and on the other hand Peter would not be able to come back into my apt. and I would have thrown his sh-t out the door and told him to go back where he came from, but mealy mouse Amina and with open arms let Peter’s ass back in with no explanation, didn’t want to and didn’t give any, but, it was ok with mousey Amina. I was schocked and happy Amina slapped the dog mess out of Peter at Sneaky Pete’s (Tara’s) Apt supposedly for some sort of clarification. WHAT???????.

      and now sneaky pete (Tara) sent him home with his wt d–k and her wet Pu–y Ugh——————how nasty, and Amina should have walked HER own ass down the hall and beat Tara’s ass. What man disrespects a wife like that and also what woman disrespects a mans wife like that(I don’t care How many yrs you were with him. He didn’t marry you so you are going to have another baby by him? (Tara you are as stupid as they come and Amina isn’t no better. The reason both of them Disrespected you Amina like that is because Guess What!!! You let them, so now you can stop the whining on and go on and have your 2nd baby and get ready for RIDE #2.


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