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‘Mike’ Brown’s Mother Lezley McSpadden Down with Hillary


*Hillary Clinton has received numerous endorsements over the course of her campaign for the Democratic nomination for president.

With that, comes the support of another prominent person in the form of Lezley McSpadden, the mother of Michael ‘Mike’ Brown.

On Tuesday (Mar. 15), The Huffington Post obtained a letter McSpadden wrote to the Clinton campaign that detailed why she is voting for Clinton, should she obtain the Democratic nomination.

In the letter, McSpadden cited her belief that Clinton has “realistic proposals” that will address the country’s most pressing challenges. In her eyes, Clinton is the candidate best-suited to work across party lines to get legislation passed on various issues, including education, voting rights, gun violence and criminal justice reform.

“Since August 9, 2014, I have wondered where do we go from here? I have made it this far by my faith, but we need more than faith,” McSpadden wrote in her letter to the Clinton campaign. “Our criminal justice system is broken and damaged, and it left broken hearts and damage in our communities. Fixing this will require time and commitment of someone who wants to make things better for us all. I want a leader who is willing to take the steps to reform a justice system that dehumanized my son. I want a leader who will now honor my son’s life and fights for our children’s futures. I want a justice system that is fundamentally based on fairness for everyone.”

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McSpadden’s comments  highlight her consistency as an activist in speaking out about gun violence and police brutality since Brown was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2014. Brown’s death triggered outrage as well as nationwide protests beyond Ferguson. The reaction to Brown’s death reignited the issue of police violence and is credited as the impetus of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

“When I lost my son, I lost my world,” McSpadden wrote. “‘Big Mike’ was a big boy, but he was my baby boy; my only child, and his life was brutally taken from me.”

As a member of the “Mothers Of the Movement,” McSpadden is among a group of women who have supported Clinton’s presidential campaign for president, HuffPost noted. Others in the collective include the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Sandra Bland and other black men and women who have been killed by gun violence or in police custody.

“I am one of those parents whose worst nightmare came true. Parents are not supposed to bury their children, especially by murder,” McSpadden wrote. “But the reality is, that far too many black parents have; not just by senseless gunfire but by lawful gunfire. Enough is Enough.”

McSpadden’s letter comes after she and other families of victims of gun violence met with Clinton privately in Chicago to discuss important issues of race and police reform. During that meeting, which took place in November, McSpadden stated that Clinton listened to her son’s story and offered ways she could help if she were elected president. Upon hearing what Clinton had to say, McSpadden admitted that Clinton’s effort helped steer her in the solid direction of voting for Democratic presidential front-runner.

“This election season, we are at battle for the soul of our nation,” McSpadden wrote. “If we want to continue to build on the progress made by our country, we need a president who is ready to lead — and I trust Hillary Clinton.”

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  1. That’s too bad, because Hillary doesn’t give a damn about black people. It’s so sad that black folks don’t do their homework on these slime dogs… “The Clintons.”

    Homework is mandatory, people. Damn… Our people are too easily deceived… How sad.

  2. Yes Nicholas,a while ago she would have called her son a super predator.

    The problem is the election process has been broken but Americans are too dumb to demand changes too busy being divided,you really don’t have real good choices especially when Hilary and Trump are the two parties top candidates two lying, conniving , and RACIST folks.

    • It is mind-blowing to me NYLACONNECT… It really doesn’t take much to do the research at all. Especially when we have excellent people like Michelle Alexander and her amazing thesis on “The New Jim Crow, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.”

      Our people perish for lack of knowledge, and slothfulness. Too many black people know every “reality star” on TV, but have absolutely no clue who their state, and federal reps are, or what they stand for. Freaking pitiful…

      Bernie Sanders’ record with supporting black people, and civil rights, shames Hillary, and all of the candidates in the field. Please wake up black people!

  3. So everytime I see somebody going on about how Bernie Sanders been doing so much for Black people and us dumb Black people just dont know what we doing voting for Hillary I try to not be insulted long enough to give it thought..I dont get far in my givin it any credence where I realize this man thats being touted as an outsider(been in Washington 30 yrs , but he an outsider, the narratives this media shapes is insulting to peoples intelligence) and all his campaign has to show is a 20 plus year video and some old pics that may or may not be him. Most Blacks never even heard of Bernie Sanders before this election. So while some are questioning why Blacks havent abandoned Hillary, I am so proud of my Black voters showing we are not stupid voters that are gonna switch our allegience from the best candidate running. Notice I said “best candidate” noting Blacks aren’t under some kind of Clinton spell that some try to imply. We showed that with our vote for Pres,Obama, but Blacks know how important it is for Democrats to hold WH, and Bernie Sanders,is just not the best candidate we have. Blacks didnt fall for that bs pushed tryna,hype Bernie..and then he let Hillary portray herself as the Obama, was a,wrap as far as Black vote right there..Dems like Hillary, majority of Blacks that vote LOVE Pres Obama..Bernie lost Black vote right there..hope that clears up any questions to why “Blacks are not swarming to Bernie”..we dont want him…not rocket science

    • No prisoner 11, you don’t like Bernie. And stop pretending that you speak for all black people, because you don’t.

      Moreover, I remember you very well. You are one of the white wing Negroes who is in bed with the Rethugliklans. So, stop pretending that you’re a progressive, because you are not.

      Don’t believe this guy black people. He’s nothing but a white wing troll, who has not done his homework on the Clinton’s, or Bernie at all. Bernie’s record makes Hillary look like the fraud that she is.

      When was the last time anyone saw Hillary in a black church prior to this election cycle, or hanging out with black people at all?

      At least Bernie doesn’t pretend to be a homie, but his record certainly qualifies him to be one, as opposed to Hillary’s voting record which is full of gross errors and miscalculations.

      Nice try prisoner 11, but Nope. You are NOT fooling me. Go Bernie. Eff Hillary!

  4. Well I have one vote..dont worry bout me..the overwhelming Black vote already cast for Hillary is the problem for Bernie cause thats not gonna change and with all the fairy tale scenarios Bernie putting out there on how he can win this election bottom line is you dont get Dem nomination without Black Nicholas guess u need to start getting Black people to vote for Trump or whoever the Repugs put out cause the candidate that you are on here disparaging/villifying is the only choice we gonna have in November on Democratic side..good job helping Republican cause Nicholas..sure they appreciate u over there..

    • Ho hum, Prisoner 11…
      However, there’s one thing that you, and those other ignorant Negroes miscalculated, and they are as follows:
      1) White folks aren’t going to vote for a female to be president (especially Hillary). Racist white men hate women in so-called “power” (especially Hillary), just as much as they hate black people (or haven’t you been paying attention?).
      2) A great deal of young people are overwhelmingly for Bernie, and if Hillary is the nominee, unlike me, and those of my generation, the young people will probably pout, and stay home instead of voting for Hillary.
      3) The Rethugs are fired up. The Dems are not.

      I hope I’m wrong, but given the aforementioned items, coupled with voter suppression, voter apathy on the Dems side, and the myriad dirty tricks by the RethugliKlans, we’re probably going to have a creepy as RethugliKlan as our next president.

      Unlike a lot of young people, I realize we’re always voting for satan or the devil. Therefore, if it comes down to voting for that skank Hillary, or a sleaze bag with the GOP/TP, I’ll have to vote of for Hillary “Wall Street” Clinton.

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