Saturday, April 10, 2021

Husband of Afeni Shakur Wants Half in Divorce

Afeni Shakur
Afeni Shakur

*Tupac Shakur’s mother Afeni and her husband Gust Davis are in the midst of a divorce, and his asking for half of her (and Tupac’s) money.

According to TMZ, Shakur filed for divorce against her husband of 12 years, and the couple does not have a prenup.

Per TMZ:

Afeni filed in North Carolina, where judges are not required to divide property 50/50, but rather on a case-by-case basis to determine what’s fair. They have lots of property and he wants, among other things, the right to live on their 50 acre North Carolina ranch and wants the keys to the houseboats. Gust, who’s a minister, also wants to keep his sweet Jag.

Gust also wants alimony. We’re told the Tupac Estate rakes in around $900k a year, but according to Gust, after expenses Afeni gets around $20k a month. We’re told he wants $10k a month for the rest of his life.

As for Afeni, she’s been separated from Gust for a little more than a year. She’s currently living on a houseboat in Sausalito, CA.

Afeni has filed legal docs asking the judge to shut down Gust’s alimony request.



  1. Naaa hell naw… and I don’t even LIKE preachers because I think they are ALL shady in one aspect or another…however in this case, in the words of Tupac “but I understand..” So pay that man what he is owed. What’s good for the gander is good for the goose! If the roles were reversed, he would be “auto-gaffled” before even getting to divorce court.

  2. I marvel at how a lot of women believe they are the only one’s who should get paid when a marriage is dissolved. Their attitude becomes, “It’s only “equal” when it’s beneficial to them.”

    In other words, forget “equity” when the woman has the bulk of the income. Amazing…


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