Tuesday, January 18, 2022

White Girl Knocked Silly After Calling Black Girl N-Word (Watch)

Aleeyah punching a girl who had just called her the n-word
Aleeyah punching a girl who had just called her the n-word

*The latest viral sensation on Twitter is video of a white girl being punched clean in the face by a black girl named Aleeyah after she called her the n-word.

Watch below:

Aleeyah explained on Twitter, “We pulled up at her house after she said she was gonna blow my head off. …We were seeing if shorty was really bout it lmao…. and she wasn’t.” After the clip went viral, Aleeyah tweeted an explanation for her actions, saying she had to put the paws on the girl – on behalf of her people.

Pictures said to be of the victim’s bloody, cracked lip surfaced online from a private Instagram account that has since been deleted.


Aleeyah retweeted the pic and responded, “Man, I didn’t mean to do all that.”



  1. Had someone been waiting on her to step onto their property with some heat in their waistband, this could have turned out much worse. Eventually, someone is going to teach this girl the old lesson that when you come looking for trouble, you’ll find it. Now that she’s posted her badassness on the web, the next person will be waiting for her. Guaranteed. I don’t understand why this child would stand toe to toe with this big bully and say what she did. Perhaps she thought someone would help her fight. Bummer.

  2. Big bully? You must be white or Stacy Dash…. The little girl got what she deserved. Maybe other little white people will learn something.

    • I swear, if I punched someone every time they called me a derogatory name, I’d be fighting most of the time. I say bully because, I’d be willing to bet my forty acres and a mule that, had that been a big, corn fed farm hand she sidled up to, instead of that little puny loud mouth, she wouldn’t have been so quick to draw back that paw. It would never occur to me to pull up on someone’s property to confront them about calling me a name. But then, with age comes wisdom. Maybe this one will learn before she crosses the wrong property line.

      • Btw Dr, would have felt the same way if little girl had pulled out a knife and gut stuck this gir? Or how about if someone had stuck a rifle out of a window and put a hole in her head? And of coarse, they it would have been ruled justified. Would it have been worth it? Just to see how many hits you could get on the web? I assume that was the reason for her filming her proud act of defending her race. Just sad.

  3. I’m torn. On one hand, if someone said that to my husband or kids (I’m white, hubby is AA) it would take everything I had not to beat the person to a pulp. So…the little racist twerp that got hit kinda did deserve it!
    On the OTHER hand…it disturbs me that adults of any color would think it cute or funny that any kid would hit another, or applaud it. And the white girl that said it, even though she got hit she has the satisfaction of knowing she pushed the other girl’s button, kwim? So part of me says it would have been better for her to walk away and not give the little twerp that power.
    And finally, what is Aleeyah hit her wrong and killed her or hurt her really bad and she (Aleeyah) ended up in jail, her whole life wasted? I don’t blame her at all for wanting to hit the little POS, but I don’t think we as adults should be condoning it. Now all that said I bet she’ll never call another person the n-word LOL

    • It would probably be different if someone called you a name and in that moment you just lost and popped the bigmouth. But, to decide to go to someone’s house with the express intention of fighting? It makes no sense. Unless you’re a child that hasn’t lived long enough to realize how much danger you’re putting yourself in. Sometimes I feel as if I’m living in a parallel universe. I have never felt the urge to respond with violence at someone calling me names. At least not since I was 9 years old. Yet here we are, and I’m seeing grown people intimate that they can understand why this girl would go onto someone else’s property and punch the person who lives there in the face. And because I don’t agree, I must be white. My skin is black, but I’m not a black person. I don’t condone mindless violence and it boggles the mind how grown people can be “torn” about what this young woman did. But, I suppose this is the world we live in today.

  4. I would suggest that until you own your Blackness as an African American having a history that is a continuum of 500 years of horror heaped us it would be better for you to not address what happened. Perhaps you are of Indian descent from India or another foreign country and if so your dark skin has no “skin” in our problem. As to the potential weapons that you suggest might have come into play I consider those thoughts wishful thinking. One thing that you might take to heart is an altercation that I witnessed; A white boy that was a bully in the area that my family and I lived in call a smaller lad the N word repeatedly to please his fellow onlookers. Of course that insult was not to be taken and the smaller lad began to molly whop the bully who once released from the lad’s grasp ran away down the street. Mouth bleeding and eye blackened that bully still screamed back at the lad calling him the N word as loud as he could but from a safer distance. So…sometimes you just cannot change a persons mind even though you put “paws” on them but also sometimes you have to check an see. Age does not matter!!

  5. This whole thing is stupid and screams racism but not from the white girl. Everyone other than white people can say ‘nigga’ which is what she said. She didn’t call her the ‘n-word’ she called her ‘nigga’ not ‘a nigga’ and not ‘nigger’ just ‘nigga.’ So what? There was no hate or malicious intent behind it, everyone calls everyone ‘nigga’ I bet Aleeyas’ friends called her ‘nigga’ that same day and she didn’t hit them, so what is the damn difference?. The girl could’ve shot Aleeya and would’ve been justified since she was on her property without permission and was told to leave, yet everyone loses their mind when this kid calls another kid ‘nigga.’ Even though our culture (not just black not just white culture) our entire culture has somewhat revolved around the word ‘nigga’ for the past few years. How is the word to disappear when it’s constantly used and brought up specifically when whites and blacks are concerned. Seriously, these are both kids and one was taught that white people shouldn’t say ‘nigga’ or else they are disrespecting your culture but that it’s ok to say it as much as you want. The other one was told NEVER to say the word but constantly hears it as a way to refer to someone else without it being derogatory… If she wanted to be derogatory she would’ve said ‘nigger’ and again how is she not within those rights when she is within the rights of shooting Aleeya for being on her property? There is just so much double standard with the word.
    Also Alyeeas’ ‘I’m just a victim’ tweet is laughable. She doesn’t condone violence yet she’s trying to start a fight with a girl on the girls property… Just using ‘racism’ as a crutch to say whatever she wants and no one can say she’s wrong unless they want to get called racist. I personally don’t think the girl was in the wrong at all. She, in my opinion, didn’t sound like she was trying to be offensive and she, of the two, was not the disrespectful one.
    Grow the fuck up people. I call my friends ‘nigga’ cause it’s the fucking norm now I call people ‘nigger’ when I play video games and you know what? I can’t tell what race they actually are nor do I care. You act like a nigger you get called a nigger. Simple as that. You want to call me honky redneck cracker? Go for it, I don’t care. The difference is I’m not singling out a specific race and I’m not getting butt hurt when I get called a name. I don’t care how the word started or who it was once used against. I was never a slave owner and chances are that you were never a slave, sorry though. Words evolve and become something different, (I believe slang is an example of this) like it or not black people, ‘nigga,’ isn’t used to target just black people any more… I don’t understand why people are so upset about that.
    DR TRUTH… You’re just a dumb narrow-minded bigot, honestly.

    • Look Abracadabra Calling someone the n word with the a at the end( how damn unintelligent) because it is the thing to do shows that first you are a follower and two you are stupid,too stupid for me to try and explain why

      • Try me. Why is it ok for anyone other than white people to say it? How is the way this white girl said it to her any different from how a black/hispanic/any other race girl would have said it in the same situation? Cause if it was two black girls it would have been socially acceptable for the argument to sound like this:
        ‘Get off my property nigga’
        ‘No, nigga are you running up?’
        And no one would’ve been offended by the dreaded ‘n word’
        Like I said, it’s slang, it no longer means the same thing it once did. If you can’t understand the double standard and the racism of singling out a certain race from being allowed to say a certain word then you’re the stupid one.
        No, by the way I’m not a follower? I don’t even know where you get the idea that I’m a follower from Especially when I feel I’ve made my point and am waiting someone to tell me something that can possibly put it in perspective for me and change my mind. However if you’re just going to call me a follower and stupid and sound like you just have an opinion without any solid reasoning behind it, then you sound like the follower. Congrats you’re the two things you called me.
        Believe it or not, I’m not racist, I don’t attend KKK rallies or anything like that. I don’t have ill-will or hate towards black people and I even have black friends that I treat like any of my other friends. However some people think just because you say a certain word, despite the intent, that you are the most racist person on earth… I just don’t understand that.

  6. Typical Kates. Proving she’s a dumb ass white girl again. I’m glad other people are finally calling your racist ass out.

    And to the rest of you sorry ass, white trash trolls, eff you too.

    You have no business using the N word at all. It’s NOT an affectionate word. Especially when white people use it. You’re not fooling anyone but yourselves with that BS.

    • You may be foaming at the mouth ecstatic over “other people calling out my racist ass”, but ask me if I care. As I said I don’t get offended by inane name calling from people who know nothing about the person to whom they’re slinging insults at. It just doesn’t matter. Right is right. Traipsing up onto someone else’s property to attack them is just wrong. Period. I don’t care what race you are. I just don’t understand how someone can fail to grasp that simple fact. It’s just confusing and sad.

      • Nope. I’ll leave the “foaming at the mouth” part up to you, you silly, female mutt. I’m just pointing out how delusional you are by continuing to pretend that you’re black, and that other people are seeing through your BS facade.

        At least you’re consistent with your denigration of black people every chance you get…

        Have a miserable day, you racist skank.

    • The irony in how racist you’re being and how blind you are to it is overwhelmingly hilarious to me.
      Is ‘nigga’ REALLY the n word? It sure isn’t when black/hispanic/asian people say it, so why is it when a white person says it? Just the idea of excluding an entire race from saying a certain word and claiming it has a racist meaning only when that excluded race uses it is the most backward and racist logic I’ve ever heard.
      Keep playing your ‘victim’ card and using your double standards, I seriously laugh at how worked up and mad you get over an innocent use of a slang word that has no ill intent when your intent is to lash out at a certain entire race for using it. Especially when you act like it’s being used as a weapon against you and your race and culture.
      By the way, I’m not trolling I’m 100% serious and you’ve literally said more racist stuff in that short comment than I’ve said in any of mine. Just because you get mad at a white person saying or typing ‘nigga’ doesn’t mean that person is actually being racist. It just means you’re not free-thinking and you’re just falling in line with what you’re ‘supposed’ to be offended by. But I guess that’s just my opinion.

  7. EAT SHIT AND DIE ABRACADABRA. All you’re doing is displaying your ignorance regarding the connotation of the “N” word.

    Try as you might, neither you, or anyone else can change the denigrating meaning behind that word. Way too much blood, and atrocity is associated with that word. Try to pretend all you want, but there is NOTHING affectionate about the “N” word. I don’t care who’s using it.

    I marvel at how assholes try to justify doing and saying anything to black people. Isn’t it funny how anti-defamation is in play when someone says something derogatory about Jews…?

    Well, I’m just like the Jews, NEVER AGAIN!

    Eff all of you twisted MFers attempting to justify your foolishness, and expecting black people to like it. All of you can kiss my beautiful black ass – pronto…

    • LOL you’re hilarious actually. How much bloodshed has the word ‘nigga’ caused you? Keep crying about slavery and all the shit you never had to go through. Keep blaming all white people for what white people used to consider the norm, in a time when you weren’t even born. It’s actually super disrespectful to everyone that actually was a slave how you act like you’re being repressed and treated as one to this day, even though I’m sure you’ve never been whipped by a white person or forced to work for a white person against your will. I bet you even get called ‘nigga’ by more black people than white people. I never said the word was affectionate in any way lol are you stupid? Black people say nigga all the time and I’m sure you’re fine with that but if a white person even thinks about saying it you probably raise hell and feel justified in making a big racist deal about it. So please tell me what is the difference in a white person saying ‘nigga’ and a black person saying it? If I’m not trying to be offensive and I say it with the same meaning as a black person would, why is it considered racist and derogatory?

      • You are wrong on just about every point again Adolf Hitler, Jr.

        First of all, you don’t know what I’ve been through with you savage white folks. Second, no black person calls me nigger or any variation of that word. However, ignorant white people have, and I laugh because I know I am not that at all. Stupid people like you are.

        I don’t whine. I state facts that you, and racist white people like you can’t deal with. And I’m cool with that, because racist white people like you are delusional.

        I’m not trying to reason with you, because I know you are a natural born fool. The blatant racism today speaks for itself. But you pretend that we are in a post-racial AmeriKKKa. Another sign of your certifiable delusions.

        According to you warped motherfuckers, slavery is the only time that racism ever existed, and you think that if you don’t call a black person a nigger, you’re not racist. Dream on.

        You are a non-factor Adolf. Please go back to sucking your child molesting daddy’s dick, because you don’t live in the real world at all, little boy.

        You are a joke, and I’m laughing at your ignorant, hillbilly ass… Ha! Ha!

  8. Both girls look bi-racial.

    The taller girl seems to be a bully!

    If this is so… assault & battery charges should be filed against her!

    She shorter girl has learned a valuable lesson!

  9. I agree ladyelle. Moreover, these idiots seem to get off on self incrimination by video recording their escapades… Have they ever heard of “video evidence” being used in a court of law?…

    • Perhaps you meant to go to Khan Academy instead of EUR!
      In any event I hope you live in China… and not in America!
      Very childish calling people names… on a site YOU chose to log onto!

      Unless it is a blog subject… MOST of us don’t care about who is kicking our butts in math & engineering! Look at where the Asians come to look for jobs… America! 😉


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