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‘For Peete’s Sake’ Premieres March 19 on OWN

for peete's sake
The Peetes at the Core Club in New York City. (MMoore Photo)

Holly Robinson Peete and Rodney Peete were hosts recently at the Core Club in New York City for a screening of their reality show, “For Peete’s Sake,” that premieres Saturday, March 19 on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN TV network.

Accompanying their parents were 17-year-old twins RJ and Ryan. RJ, who has autism, was told he would never speak. Today, not only can’t he stop talking, but he enjoys advocating for special needs children.

In its premiere season, twin sister Ryan is trying to decide whether to go to college or jumpstart a career in music. Thirteen-year-old son Robinson caught the athletic bug from his father and would love to follow in his footsteps, but all the latest concussion studies have Holly wishing for a less dangerous choice. They also have a 10-year-old son, Roman.

The premiere episode of “For Peete’s Sake” shows Rodney trying to plan a surprise twentieth anniversary dinner for Holly with her celebrity friends; and Holly’s über-manager mother, Dolores, still wheeling and dealing even as she approaches 80 years old.

Getting tattoos since she turned 75, Grandma has given her grandchildren the chore of designing a tattoo for her 80th birthday. The important issue of young black men at risk is also discussed.

After the screening Holly’s talked about her charitable work,  as well as her book with Ryan and RJ called “Same But Different.”

EUR Bonus Coverage …

In the clip below from Entertainment Scoop, Holly Robinson Peete talks about how “Peete’s Sake” will – among other things – show her off her parenting style.

“I think people are going to be shocked at how i parent. I think over the years our image has been squeaky clean and G-Rated. I parent like a black mama and thats what I do. I’m excited to share a lot of the things that we go to because a lot of people will relate. especially my older son and autism and him transitioning into adulthood. I never seen that story told.”



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