Sunday, February 28, 2021

Lane Bryant TV Ad with Big Women Rejected by TV Networks (WATCH!)

lane bryant - this body ad models

*For whatever reason, there’s something about Lane Bryant‘s underwear ad for full figured women that two major TV networks don’t like and won’t run.

To us, Lane Bryant’s TV campaign called “This Body” featuring Ashley Graham and other plus-sized models in their undies as well as some “mild nudity and a quick shot of a breastfeeding model” is not that big of a deal. But for ABC and NBC it is and the ads have been rejected due the so-called “decency standards.”

“The This Body campaign was meant to be a fun way for us to celebrate and honor women of all shapes and sizes,” says a spokesperson for company. “What is too much for some does not hold true for others. All women should be celebrated and feel empowered to express themselves as they see fit. We want her to know she can attract as much media attention, look just as striking as any woman, and decide what beautiful means to her.”

“The This Body commercial holds nothing back. It is a true celebration of women of all sizes doing what makes THEM feel beautiful whether its breastfeeding their newborn, flaunting their bodies the way they see fit, breaking down barriers all around and simply being who they are or want to be.”

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NBC made it known that the ad was not rejected, per se, but the brand would have a better shot at getting it accepted if they did an edit job on it.

“As part of the normal advertising standards process, we reviewed a rough cut of the ad and asked for minor edits to comply with broadcast indecency guidelines,” a statement from NBC read. “The ad was not rejected and we welcome the updated creative.”

However, Lane Bryant is saying nope, won’t do it. Either accept it as it is or not. In other words they’re not changing anything.

“The first edit was turned down out of hand, and while we clearly created the commercial to air we will not edit it as we believe it’s a beautiful and appropriate expression of women’s bodies,” a company spokesperson said in a statement to the Rack. “We do plan to air this through our own media and through digital channels where they find it as acceptable.”

OK, it’s time for you to weigh in. Check out the ad and see if think it’s not appropriate for television:

When you think about it, you can only conclude something just isn’t right with the networks rejecting the ad when you consider the fact that the first Victoria’s Secret fashion show actually aired on ABC.

In fact, both NBC and ABC have aired TV ad spots for the lingerie brand, which put the Lane Bryant ad to shame as far as being super sexualized. Looks like there might be some hypocrisy going on here.

This Victoria’s Secret ad aired on 2015 Super Bowl on NBC:

Hmm, so what’s going on here? Could it be that the networks aren’t comfortable with the ad because the women – Ashley Graham, Precious Lee, and Tara Lynn – are not your typical skinny models, but they are full-figured? If so, how does that equal “indecency?”

“Clearly what is too much for some does not hold true for others,” Brian Beitler, chief marketing officer at Lane Bryant, told Refinery29. But the online response to the ‘This Body’ ad has been overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating the fact that people are hungry for a variety of body types depicted on TV and in advertising.




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