Monday, January 25, 2021

Wesley Snipes Celebrates ‘New Jack City’s’ 25th Anniversary

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*Looks like Wesley Snipes hasn’t forgotten about one of his most famous film roles.

Taking note of the 25th anniversary of his film “New Jack City,” the actor acknowledged the milestone on Twitter Tuesday (Mar. 8) while crowning Kanye West the current day version of his character, Nino Brown.

“Nino Brown is Eternal Baby,” Snipes tweeted  while proclaiming March 8 ”Nino Brown Day” and followed his comment with several others filled with quotes from “New Jack City.”

“My man @kanyewest is the Nino Brown of now. #SpeakTheTruth,” he added.

Released on March 8, 1991, “New Jack City” provided a look inside America’s drug and violence epidemic as it centered on the efforts of a special police unit to take down Snipe’s ruthless drug kingpin character. In addition to Snipes, the Mario Van Peebles-directed film featured Ice-T, Judd Nelson, Russell Wong, Bill Nunn, Allen Payne, Michael Michele and Chris Rock.

The “New Jack City” soundtrack, released around the same time as the film, also found success, with a hits such as Christopher Williams’ “I’m Dreamin’,” Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up” and Keith Sweat’s “(There You Go) Tellin’ Me No Again.”

As Snipes continued celebrating “New Jack City,” others apparently decided to take shots at him while mocking his film legacy. Nevertheless, the haters could not ruin the actor’s day as he swiftly clapped back.

“they let you outta jail?” one man tweeted.

“Is that you Pookie? You still tweekin’ on them rocks? #CrackIsWack,” Snipes fired back.

“@wesleysnipes New Jack City was the best movie you ever did other than that you straight trash,” another person expressed.

“Thank you. Your line up crooked fam,” Snipes quipped in reference to Twitter troll’s profile picture that highlighted a questionable hairline.

Scroll below to see Snipes’ tweet and CLICK HERE to check out EURweb’s interview with “New Jack City” director Mario Van Peebles on the 25th anniversary of the classic film.



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