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Aunt Leolah Slams Bobbi Kristina’s Autopsy Report With New Claims Against Nick Gordon

Leolah Brown is interviewed on "Inside Edition"
Leolah Brown is interviewed on “Inside Edition”

*Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown is again teasing her forthcoming tell-all book about the circumstances surrounding her niece Bobbi Kristina being found unconscious in her bathtub.

Leolah took to Facebook Sunday with a lengthy post following last week’s release of BK’s autopsy report, which indicated that morphine, cocaine and marijuana were among the substances found in her system.

“Make no mistake about it; my niece Bobbi Kristina did not die of any drug overdose nor anything pertaining to drugs,” Brown wrote.

Bobbi Kristina’s conservator filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her boyfriend Nick Gordon, and Leolah continues to believe that Nick physically abused her niece on the day in question.

“Her 2 front teeth were knocked completely out of her mouth! I was one of the first people to see her upon her arrival at the hospital. As I stood by her hospital bed I noticed her hair (weave) had been pulled all the way from the front to the very back of her head. Her bruises were very visible and this denoted to me that she was indeed attacked! I immediately knew that whoever attacked her had to have pulled her hair completely out!”

Leolah went on to claim that the family “later found out” that Nick abused her before she was found in the tub, and that there was a blood trail leading up the stairs and to BK’s bedroom.

“The family later found out that Nick Gordan[sic] literally grabbed Bobbi Kristina by her head-punching her and dragging her up the steps at the same time! Meanwhile he is ripping her hair completely out of her head-leaving her just a little in the very back area. While Nick continues to drag Krissi up the steps-Krissi kept crying and screaming, asking him why he was doing what he was doing to her as she was shocked!? Nick Gordan (the very same man that some people feel sorry for today) beat Bobbi Kristina mercilessly.”

Read Leolah’s entire post below:

To every single person in this world,Hear me and hear me good. Do not believe the sick, sad and disrespectful rumors…

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