Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Marines Release Man Seen at Trump Rally Harassing Black Woman

joseph pryor at trump rally

*A case of justice? Could be.

Here’s the deal. A man seen in a video at a Donald Trump rally has been let go from his enlistment in a Marine Corps program after recruiters saw what he did in the video.

WAVE 3 News in Louisville is reporting that the United States Marine Corps recruiting office discharged a man identified as “Joseph Pryor” from a delayed entry program. The program is a stopping point for “hopeful Marines” to get them ready for boot camp.

Here’s the statement from the local Marine Corps station:

“Joseph Pryor demonstrated poor judgment in his use of social media that associates him with a racially charged altercation at a political rally. Hatred toward any group of individuals is not tolerated in the Marine Corps and he is being discharged from our delayed entry program effective yesterday.”

In the video, a young black woman, Shiya Nwanguma, was yelled at, called slurs and shoved by white Trump supporters.

As Shaun King pointed out in his NY Daily News article, Nwanguma was a peaceful demonstrator and should’ve never been touched or manhandled by attendees, but Trump gave them tacit permission to be ugly with her. So they ran with it.

It cost Joseph Pryor his military enlistment.

So the lesson here Pryor and those who think like him is that free speech apparently does not necessarily guarantee freedom from consequences.

It also must be noted that the escalation of violence at Trump’s rallies is cause for concern.

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