Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Idris Elba as James Bond is Talk of Hollywood Power Players


*Just when you think talk of Idris Elba playing James Bond has died down, along comes a few Hollywood big shots to resurrect the notion.

Page Six reports the chatter for Elba to become the next Bond was a noticeable topic over Oscars weekend as discussion was held over diversity in movies.

The “Luther” star was taking in the Hollywood party scene as one power movie executive told the news outlet this about Elba portraying 007:

“Is the world ready? I think so.”

Adding to this are other Page Six sources that stated that they were confident Elba could take on the iconic part.

The renewed buzz over Elba as Bond, comes after the actor spoke on the situation last year, saying “It’s all rumorville.”

“If human beings want to know if there’s any connectivity between all of us, the one thing I’ve heard around the world universally is that, ‘You’ll be great at James Bond!’” Elba added.

Nevertheless, rumors are starting up again with Bond and Elba fans and the added weight of Hollywood’s elite. In addition to Elba, other possible choices to succeed current Bond Daniel Craig include “Billions” star Damian Lewis and lesser-known actor James Norton.

The talk over Elba’s potential as Bond carried over into the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday (Feb. 27) as comedian Kumail Nanjiani acknowledged the entertainer while taking a humorous shot at his co-host Kate McKinnon, joking that that having a black James Bond was as absurd as a female Ghostbuster. McKinnon is among the stars headlining an all-female squad of Ghostbusters in an upcoming remake of the classic ‘80s film.

While it’s too early to tell if the Bond rumblings over Elba will translate to reality, Page Six noted that the Bond theme suddenly boomed on the audio system at a reception Elba attended for this year’s British nominees at the Fig & Olive restaurant as the night’s surprise guest.



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