Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Did Oscar Boycott/Tuneout Work? Ratings At 8 Year Low

chris rock with oscar statue

*Hmm, dang. That headline is worth repeating.

In spite of, or maybe because of the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, did the Oscar boycott/tuneout actually work?

Well, based on the overnight numbers, a strong argument could be made that it did.

Deadline is reporting that the show hit an 8-year low. It saw a rating of 23.1/37 in metered markets.

That’s down 6% from the 24.6/39 that the ceremony got last year in early results from the 56 markets across the country.

That 2015 Neil Patrick Harris hosted Oscars were matched with the 2011 Oscars for the third worst the Academy Awards has done in MM ratings since the last time Rock fronted the gig in 2005 – only 2009’s Hugh Jackman-hosted 23.3 and 2008’s Jon Stewart-hosted 21.9 were lower. Obviously, in the early results, last night’s show dipped below 2009 and close to 2008 numbers.

The 2005 Oscars were the best the show has done in the past decade with a 30.1/43 MM rating. That high has also remained true in later numbers for the show. With “Million Dollar Baby” winning Best Picture, the 2005 Oscars ended up with a massive 42.14 million viewers and 19.6 million among adults 18-49. In both categories, that was a dip from 2004’s results. Compared to the last time Rock hosted 11-years ago, last night’s 8:30 – midnight show was down 23% in metered market results – much more than a dip.

So, the question remains, did the so-called Oscar boycott/tuneout actually work or did the annual show simply continue its downward trend in losing viewership year after year?

It’ll be interesting to see get’s the blame.



  1. I didn’t watch that damn Oscar show. I stood up..walk to my TV and almost went in on my Samsung TV when I saw the Oscar’s coming on. What’s good Oscar, Stacey and Trump!!!!!!

  2. I tuned for the beginning and I thought Rock did a good job, but let’s face it: watching hours of mostly obscure behind-the-scenes writers,cinematographers and other underdressed unknowns (to us tv viewers) is a huge bore. They could improve the show by just announcing these winners, maybe show them in the audience and cut the thing by hours. There were plenty of people of color represented and kudos to the courage shown by Stacey Dash! (Did anyone see Mad Max? Does the Oscars REALLY represent any of the American viewing audience?)

    • I guess she does deserve kudos for making her clueless ass the butt of a joke. Stop co-singing stupidity.

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