Saturday, November 27, 2021

Melissa Harris-Perry is Officially Out at MSNBC

melissa harris-perry

*It’s all over between Melissa Harris-Perry and MSNBC.

Earlier Sunday morning an MSNBC spokesman confirmed that the channel is “parting ways” with the Wake Forest Professor of Politics and International Affairs.

Also this morning, Harris-Perry tweeted out a photo with the message “Farewell #Nerdland,” a nickname for her weekend show, “Melissa Harris-Perry.”

The message also said, “Inviting diverse new voices to table was a privilege,” she tweeted. “Grateful for years of support and criticism.”

As we reported, Harris-Perry and the network had come to odds because she felt like she was being squeezed off the air and her editorial skills were not being utilized. On Friday she went public after having her show pre-empted for two weeks in a row.

“Our show was taken — without comment or discussion or notice — in the midst of an election season,” she wrote in a letter to staff that was shared with her fans.

MSNBC responded by saying her show and her others were pre-empted to be competitive with its rivals during what’s become a chaotic primary season.

MSNBC called her reaction “surprising, confusing and disappointing.”

Harris-Perry isn’t seeing it that way. She thinks the network was busy marginalizing her show.

“no one on the third floor,” where MSNBC’s executives work at 30 Rockefeller Center, “has even returned an email, called me, or initiated or responded to any communication of any kind from me for nearly a month,” she said in her letter.

Her letter also noted a “dramatic change” in the “editorial tone and racial composition of MSNBC’s on-air coverage.”

According to CNNMoney, Harris-Perry’s MSNBC contract expires in October. She also confirmed that her representatives are in talks with MSNBC about an exit deal.

We can only wonder what Cornel West is saying right about now.



  1. Her ratings may be horrible, but a lot of her content via the guest on her show were exemplary, most of the time.

    I confess I wasn’t a huge fan of MHP per se, but the panel’s that she brought to the tube were on point.

    As far as her comment regarding the diversity component on the network, I am totally disappointed.

    Joy Ann Reid is the best reporter on MSNBC. The network dropped her as an anchor, and made her a national correspondent, and “fill in” anchor.

    Al Sharpton was horrible as an anchor, but he stayed on top of the BS the white wing nuts were touting. I hated the way he revealed the strategies to the enemies of Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown via incompetent Ben Crump and company.

    All in all, MSNBC looks like a rudderless ship. Especially when it comes to diverse on air talent. MHP is the latest mistake by the MSNBC Execs… To be honest, they’ve been screwing up since they let Keith O go.

    Alex Wagoner has been minimized in favor of Thomas Roberts. No thank you. Roberts is okay, but Alex’s knowledge and skill set is far superior. The same goes for Robert’s side kick, she needs to polish up, big time.

    MSNBC is blowing it. They need some competent black people on air, and there are plenty. However, the Execs at MSNBC seem like they’re afraid of black people bringing it uncut like MHP did. How sad…

  2. MSNBC is sinking, and deserveldy so, because of incompetent & clueless upper level management. Think ‘Morning Joe’ as a example of a show that should have be drastically revamped or replaced long ago. Al Sharpton, Joe Scarborough, Chris Matthews are terrible anchors, with Scarborough and Matthews asking questions and not letting guests respond as S & M won’t shut the Hell up for two seconds. MSNBC, CNN, FOX and other cable media outlets have to stop trying to be reality TV, but wait, I forgot!, it’s all about ratings. Listen to NPR.

  3. By the way, I think, not that anyone cares what I think, that Alex Wagoner would be a terrific replacement for the idiotic and totally incompetent comedy duo of Joe & Mika.


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