Friday, August 12, 2022

Oh God … You’re A Dad! Girl Claims ‘Jesus’ is Her Baby Daddy

Pregnant with Jesus' child

*A 15-year-old girl from a “very religious family” is very pregnant and claiming that the child’s father is none other than Jesus.

I’ll give you a second to absorb that one…No seriously, go ahead.

And believe me, people have not taken this claim, made by 15-year-old Latifah Smith-Nabengana, lying down…so to speak.

The girl elaborates however, claiming that she was visited by an “Angel of God” in July 2015. That presence told her that she had been chosen to bear Christ’s son.

“He told me that he was a Nephilim, like those described in the Bible,” Smith-Nabengana explained. “He told me that he had a message from Jesus, He said that I was going to be pregnant, and that I would give birth to a son, Jesus’ son.”

Be still please. I am having audio-visual flashbacks over here…trying to figure how this may have sounded.

I mean, were harps playing? Or did a big, booming voice speak?

Let’s find out together at EURThisNthat.



  1. This girl’s parents must be the bible thumpers from hell for this child to make up some s**t like this. But heck, at least she knows what’ll work to keep them off her ass. Now on to the next question. How much child support do they expect Jesus to fork over? I’ve said it over and over. If you want to witness bat s**t crazy up close and personal, go to church.

  2. Let’s wait until we hear the DNA results from Maury. Seriously, she came up with this unbelievable lie because she didn’t want her parents to know that she was having sex. This is why kids should not be having sex. They are too immature and unprepared for the results of their actions. Lastly, leave my son alone girl!

    • Holy Mary, mother of God, I will simply recite this: “Pray for us sinners. Now and at the hour of our death. Amen!

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