Sunday, December 5, 2021

Killer Mike to White People About ‘Formation’: It’s Not Always About You’


*The criticism of Beyoncé and her latest single “Formation” has been a headline grabber since the singer performed the tune during the Super Bowl 50 halftime show.

Fortunately, Killer Mike is around to bring some clarity to the situation. During an appearance on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” BET reports the rapper-political activist broke down exactly why “Formation” should be a nonissue for the white conservatives who slammed Beyoncé for promoting violence against police on the most watched event of the year.

“White people, it’s not always about you,” Killer Mike said. “And what I mean by that is when you hear her talk about the record, she says first, ‘I’m not in the Illuminati.’ She’s talking to other Black people, saying, ‘Look, stupid. Because I’m not at Ferguson when you want me to be doesn’t mean I’ve sold you out.’ And then the rest of the first verse is about her telling other Black people, ‘I like being Black. This is the type of Black I am. I like the fact that my daughter’s Black… I like me.’ White people, that conversation wasn’t even for you.”

Weighing in on Beyoncé’s performance, “Real Time” host Bill Maher provided a bit of sarcasm to the criticism while sharing how the live set came off to him.

“To me, watching that, I thought that this looked like every other halftime show I’ve ever seen,” Maher said. “It was an affront to everything we hold dear.”

As he continued his point, Killer Mike responded to white critics who pointed to “reverse racism” upon seeing Beyonce paying homage to the Black Panthers Party during the halftime show.

“I want to say about the Black Panthers, other white people, the history they teach you in white schools is not exactly right,” the Run the Jewels member said. “The Black Panthers were called the Black Panthers, but they weren’t just pro-Black people… [they were] a socialist group for any downtrodden people and at the time, they happened to be Blacks.”

To see Killer Mike’s appearance on “Real Time With Bill Maher,” check out the video below:



  1. I’m white and I seriously don’t get the outrage over Beyonces’ performance or the song…the first thing I thought when I saw it was ‘wow, her outfit looks just like one of Michael Jackson’s he wore during one of his halftime shows’ (I YouTubed it and I was right lol). I don’t get the outrage over the Black Panthers or association with, either. On the contrary, it’s refreshing to have a socially conscious song vs one about sex or money, etc. I’ve never been a huge Beyonce fan but now that I know the meaning of her performance, I have a lot of respect for her.
    The whole reverse racism thing is fucking ridiculous. Christ. So embarrassing when I hear white people cry about this. My husband is African American, we’ve been together for 13 years and have had 4 kids. I completely understand white privilege because of seeing first hand how he has to work twice as hard in his business, than the white guys (which burns me for many reasons, but esp since my hubby is 1,000x smarter than the majority of them grrr).

    • I totally feel you, Jen. I thought THE EXACT SAME THING on the Michael Jackson tip. And I am sure Beyonce, who was a HUGE MJ fan, was paying homage to him in her choice of costume. And yes, it is when celebrities take a socially conscious stand such as this, that the riff-raff falls by the wayside, and they earn the respect of true fans.

  2. Yawn!!! enough of the whining about Beyonce’s part in the Superbowl half time show, far more important issues to complain about. PS. I saw the 10 min show and was not offended in the least.


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