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TrOyMan: Back Again with New EP & Single

TrOyMan: Back Again with New EP & Single, TrOyMaN, About Last Night
TrOyMan: Back Again with New EP & Single

* Atlanta recording artist TrOyMan just dropped his new EP, “About Last Night,” and plans to continue his media blitz with appearances in major cities across the U.S.

The triple threat heartthrob combines his skills as a recording artist, dancer and actor to record videos and a short film depicting poignant aspects of the songs on the EP. The short film will be released later on in the year.

Kevyn Nelson, co-manager of the artist, comments on the growth and development of TrOyMaN whom he has known for a decade:

“As a music lover and someone who came into the music industry at a time when artist development really mattered I have found myself constantly searching for an artist that has what many refer to as simply ‘The IT Factor’.

“I can finally say the search is over and the artist that has ended that search is 2X 106 and Park Wild Out Wednesday Winner TrOyMaN.

“It’s been rewarding working with TrOyMaN on his latest project About Last Night and watching him create a masterpiece that we believe will not only solidify his place among the greatest Hip Hop artists of his generation. He brings a certain level of substance back to a music genre that is currently over-saturated with HIP POP. I am excited to be part of Team TrOyMaN.”

TrOyMan: Back Again with New EP & Single
TrOyMan:  Back Again with New EP & Single

“About Last Night” is the first commercial EP release from TrOy MaN in three years. The first single, “Sing 4 U,” is a very smooth melodic track that blends tight hip hop vocals over a laid back R&B track.

The EP also includes features from Sage the Gemini and LVRD PHAROH on the track “Starvin’ Marvin’,” a breakout hit on the West Coast. No newcomer to success, TrOy MaN, was the winner of the Los Angeles Uplifting Minds Talent Competition and 2013’s Best Male Hip Hop Artist at the Atlanta Underground Music Awards and has been appeared in such newsstand publications as Hip Hop Weekly and The Hype Magazine.

TrOyMaN – A few upcoming radio-promotional dates.

  • Montgomery & Mobile, AL- 2/1 & 2/2
  • Gulfport, MS – 2/3
  • New Orleans & Baton Rouge, LA- 2/4
  • Lake Charles, LA- 2/5

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