Monday, October 18, 2021

Jay Z’s Drug Dealer Past Thrown at Beyonce by TV Host Tomi Lahren

tomi lahren
Tomi Lahren

*Beyoncé continues to have a target on her back by those blasting her for honoring the Black Panther Party during the Super Bowl 50 halftime show.

The latest  critic of the singer is conservative TV host Tomi Lahren, who made things personal as she brought Beyoncé’s husband Jay Z into her thumbs down of the “Formation” singer’s performance. In Lahren’s eyes, Queen Bey should worry more about the company she keeps before taking a pro-black stance.

“Your husband was a drug dealer. For fourteen years, he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting black neighborhoods? Start at home,” Lahren said Wednesday (Feb. 10).

Prior to referencing Jay Z’s past, Lahren went completely in on Beyoncé for paying tribute to the Black Panthers during the most watched TV event of the year.

According to Lahren, Beyoncé was biting the hand that feeds her by shoving her pro-black agenda down the throats of her white fans.

“[Beyoncé] just like President Obama, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Al Sharpton and so many others that just can’t let America heal, you keep ripping off the historical bandaid. Why be a cultural leader when you can play the victim, right?” TheBlaze  online personality questioned while resenting the singer’s implication that “Black lives MATTER MORE” than those of white people.

“Guess what Beyoncé? White people like your music too,” Lahren continued. “White people buy your songs on iTunes, memorize your lyrics and admire your talent and beauty. Little White girls wanna be like you just as little Black girls do, but instead of that, you’d rather perpetuate the great battle of the races.”

bey jay tomi
Beyonce Jay Z Tomi Lahren

Needless to say, the Beyhive wasn’t having any of Lahren’s brutal commentary.

According to TMZ, the news anchor’s social media has been saturated with nasty comments since news surfaced about Lauren’s feelings on Beyoncé’s homage to the Panthers. Yet despite being called everything from “redneck ass bitch” to “racist cracker” Lahren is not backing down one bit.

To hear her tell it, the “Black Lives Matter folks” and “militant Bey Hivers” completely missed her real message, which is simply that America should be coming together and not be swayed by the racial tensions Beyoncé is provoking with using what she considers to be a violent civil rights group.

Despite what folks may think, Lahren insists she’s not a racist and wants  to make sure her haters are fully aware of this.

“Don’t you dare come at me with your hate and your call to violence and your threats on my life and tell me racism is a one-way street,” she told TMZ.

To see Lahren commenting on Beyoncé’s halftime performance, check out the video below:



      • I am a white female, funny thing is… My daughter and I watched the show and never listened or noticed the racial issue she was promoting…. My thoughts (and mine only) are we all have one life to live….Why does it have to forever be a race issue… Dammit live the life that you have been blessed with….Take all the hate and focus on the terrorist our Military people are fighting on a daily basis… They are over there fighting for USA and in our very own country there is nothing but hate……..

  1. WOW!!! SOME people so offensive about a song/ routine that was not that great to begin with, it is not that Serious!! We have become a country of Whiners!!! any little insignificant thing is so OFFENSIVE!!! Much ado about nothing!!

  2. First, I’m black and to me I found nothing racist about what she said. Black people let’s wake up. She was right. Let’s not be hypocrites, Jay DID sell drugs to his own community. If black lives mattered to him, he wouldn’t have done it. After all, black lives should not ONLY matter when it’s us versus them. How about when we are robbing, stealing, and killing from and to our own? Black lives must not matter too much because WE are killing each other at a rate faster than aids, car accidents, etc. My community, please don’t be so quick to judge without analyzing from ALL directions.

    • And President John F. Kennedy was a illegal rum runner (The 20’s equivalent of a drug dealer) and that’s ok? Let’s not even talk about how Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush help fund the nazi party before the US went to them……now what??

    • He USED to sell drugs, past tense. He and Bye have done a lot for the Black communities that they remain anonymous about and also for people in African. White people buy his music too. So
      iZombie needs to just shut up!!! Bye is helping a younger generation connect to their roots and their history something that white people do not want them to do. The young Black women in her video were ALL beautiful!! We area beautiful people and have the right to express it or does she (Missy Lauren) think that only white women have that privilege? She’s the worse kind of racism. She would probably drop her pants for any Black man who approaches her. iZombie needs some hair dye and a tan. She represents one of the most racist networks there is – nonsecret!!!

  3. JayZ was not the only person who sold drugs and made it big, many rappers/r&b artists and some athletes sold drugs and were in prison before they turned their lives around, both black and white. My Goodness!! all of this whining, complaining . I hope it helps to bring about more dialog on race, police brutality etc in this country, this country is FAR from being healed as Tomi with her delusional azz stated.

  4. Sick of all this is…Beyonce starting it, police doing this, thugs doing this….we ALL need to stop being so negative towards each other…ain’t nobody going nowhere so we might as well get along…

    • You are exactly right – we need to ALL get over these mindless and pointless conversations with racist idiots. We need to just get down to the business of actually doing something to make this racially f*cked-up country finally get on the right track. The control that white people had over people of color in this country is slipping from them fast and they are panicking. That’s how somebody as clueless and hateful and Donald Trump can have so many non-thinking followers.

  5. White girl gone crazy!!

    I don’t recall any reporters stepping to Rose or Jackie O to discuss Joe Kennedy’s role as a bootlegger when his son was President…do you?

    I’ll wait…yeah! That’s what I thought! Enough said!!

  6. Those fox talking heads will say anything for ratings. They can’t tell you what are the FACTS; they just make up garbage, and it brainwashes the idiots who watch their “news” programs. This ish is so unreal, it’s a joke!


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