Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Why Are (White) People Suddenly Afraid of Beyonce’s Black Pride?

beyonce (on top of police car)

*(Via Billboard) – If anything has been made clear in the past two weeks about black female lives in America’s pop territory, it’s that black girls are magic, but black women expressing their views are on the “attack.”

As the gigabytes of reactions to Beyonce‘s “Formation” — the song, the video, the Super Bowl performance, the seismic event — have shown, white America, white supremacy and patriarchy continue to live in fear of an actualized black woman who actually resonates with black women.

It would be woefully incorrect to say that “Formation” is Beyonce’s coming into womanhood — she’s been a mother for years, a wife for longer and a boss before that. But “Formation” is in many ways her own formation: the moment when she finally stepped beyond Beyonce and into the larger world. On her last album, Beyonce, her politics were deeply personal. Songs like “Flawless,” “Partition” and “Drunk in Love” were about her singular agency: her sex and sexiness, her self-love, her wife-love, her adulthood. But “Formation” is a song from a mother who seemingly has it all — success in family, career, wealth, power and fame — but realizes that none of that means as much as the world she leaves behind to her daughter. And it’s a pop song that could only be made at this chart-topping register by someone whose net worth is currently F-point-U-million dollars.

Suggested from Windows StoreLike all transcendent pop songs, “Formation” is both universal and local. She begins: “My daddy Alabama, momma Louisiana/ You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bama” — and it’s impossible to hear this roots roll call as anything but a declaration of being. In his recent musical polemic, Seattle rapper Macklemore noted that whites “take all we want from black culture, but will we show up for black lives?/ We want to dress like, walk like, talk like, dance like, yet we just stand by.” His observation was not original — it’s something cribbed from activists that have been at the intersection of culture and politics for years. It’s a reality that’s been allowed to exist only by virtue of a low-level cognitive dissonance that lets people easily separate art from both the world at large and the artists who create it.

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  1. I’m so happy she finally realized that something like this is needed especially coming from one of the most popular artist in the world. I have to say I was always a little confused when she was on the cover of a magazine and her skin was lightened and when she did a commercial and was referred to as french creole and native american and no mention of african american. But never late than ever and

  2. Correction: better late than never, so now if we could just get denzel washington to speak up we may have something. And yes, I’ve totally given up on michael jordan and tiger woods.

  3. The reason, That not only, White people do not like this method of so called entertainment, Most respectful people dislike the changes Beyconce, has demonstrated It is “Tacky!” Black woman have become, A public menace! With all of their Load Talking , No Respect for others, Parking in the handicap, Parking zones, “Dressing like pick-up trucks and Bull-Dosers!” Big-Fat n Sloppy. A while back, Beycone, Made an attempt to sing like “Barbra Streisand”, Beyonce, really struggled with the song that She Sang; And managed to get through it!~ Even Barbra, Who was sitting in the audience and sort of congratulated her for making the effort to sing a difficult song to deliver, Beyance, did manage to get through the song! Whitney Houston, Was at least able to reach some of the high notes: But, both “Natalie Cole, and Whitney Houston”, were over-come by the Drugs! Now, That Beyonce, Has returned to the other side of the town, She can stay over there! Where the atmosphere is to her liking!

  4. all of you wrote all the right words. Watch how many stupid people run out and support her. She calls herself a bit!! and swears she is the finest thing alive. Please go away!

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