Monday, November 29, 2021

Naked and Unarmed Black Teen Fatally Shot by Austin, TX Police

david joseph
David Joseph

*Here we go again.

In Texas, a naked 17-year-old boy has been shot and killed by an Austin Police officer.

17-year-old, David Joseph has been identified as the naked teen who was shot and killed by an Austin police officer.

The incident happened as a result of officers being called because of reports of a suspicious black male in the area. According to Austin police Chief of Staff, Brian Manley, the officer who shot the youngster says the teenager disobeyed orders and proceeded to charge at him.

And of course the shooting took place away from the cruisers dash cam, so there wasn’t clear evidence to tell if the teen was armed or even if the officer used a taser before the fatal shot.

Austin NAACP President, Nelson Linder, suspects the shooting death to be illegal.

“We see a rush to judgment and as a result, somebody is dead. Normally it’s always somebody black, in this city and this country,” Linder told KDFW/Fox 4 news. “I don’t see how a young man who’s naked, and not hurting anybody, winds up being dead. When in reality, those things require constraint and understanding, as opposed to deadly force.”



  1. Folks, remember we are talking about Austin, quietly one of the most hostile cities towards blacks. Remember “burn baby burn”, the text circulated by Austin police as the black night club Midtown Live was burning. More blacks are fleeing from Austin than any other city, despite the fact that it is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

    Blacks account for more than 60% of the victims of police killings, even though the city is less than 8% black.
    This is why less than a year ago, the city was coming up with all types of bullshit excuse not to use body cams, even though police forces across the country was hastily making plans to implement them.

    Austin police said the officer’s patrol car dashboard camera couldn’t entirely capture the fatal shooting of 17-year-old David Joseph. But why don’t Austin police have body cameras?

    The city last year approved $3 million for a body camera program that would deploy 500 cameras by this summer. But the cameras will be assigned primarily to officers working downtown and on Sixth Street, not in residential neighborhoods. The department is also in the process of approving a vendor to purchase the equipment.

    Don’t believe the hype. That will be the day when Austin police allow their hostility towards blacks to be caught on video.
    Trust me. Most of the police killings in Austin were caught on dash cams, but you never going to hear them fess up to it. But watch them try to spin the fact that the killer in this case was also black.

  2. He’s still a member of the Blue Klux Klan… Remember the negro KKKop who attempted to help Michael Slager cover up the murder of Walter Scott in South Carolina? Black has NOTHING to do with it. It’s the KKKop KKKulture.

    How is a naked, unarmed 17 year old a threat to a KKKop armed with a taser, mace, a nightstick, and a gun?

    I love the way the news anchor kept calling the 17 year old kid, a “man.” Please stop with the BS spin already…

    Racist white people are as amazing as these field negroes who think they’re red, white, and blue…

    • Spoken like the true, callous, skank that you are. Your record of loving black people being slaughtered by any means necessary continues.

      God forbid non-lethal force be employed during this incident. Taking cover to avoid a “naked boy’s” alleged charge was just out of the question, right? The only choice was execution? Really?

      I have NEVER believed that you are “black” as you claim. But even if you are, you are one of the most self-loathing, disgusting, mentally ill, skunks that I have ever encountered on social media. I am totally convinced that you are an escapee from a psych ward.

      You stink!

      • You can dig down into the deepest recesses of your little brain to think of all the nasty names that come to mind, and toss every one of them in my direction. It still won’t change the fact that if you run your naked ass upon a cop instead of letting your balls kiss the concrete when he yell STOP!, you’re gonna get lit up like a Christmas tree. I know the truth hurts, but a thing can only be what it is. Sorry.

          • You are an ignorant, callous skank, and you are a disgrace to black people (if you really are black).

            You are the type of negro who sold our people into slavery centuries ago. You’re the type of colored person who loves to assist white people with killing us. Be careful of who you are advocating on behalf of, stupid.

            These trigger happy MFers see black skin as expendable… And they just might take your dumb butt out too… Hmmm… Boy, would that be a great day for everyone on EUR!

            And yes, I know this murderer was a black member of the Blue Klux Klan…

    • I’m with you, Y.B.

      Kates is a stink butt, white trash troll, and I have been saying that for quite some time (in spite of her repeated lies).

      No black person would gloat every time something horrible happened to black people. This skank is ecstatic whenever black people suffer. That is the tell-tell sign of a deranged Klansperson, or an escapee from the psych ward. Typical inferior white trash.

      Busted again, “kates1221” formerly, “kay,” aka, “Yak, Yak”… You are one miserable, sadistic, skunk, “kates.” Please take your meds, and stay off of EUR.

      Real black people don’t need to see your sick, detestable, fantasies regarding the demise of black people.


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