Monday, May 16, 2022

Is Jada Pinkett Smith on Her Way Back to ‘Gotham’?

Jada Pinkett Smith as fish mooney on "Gotham"*Like its comic book counterpart, death in the DC Universe is hardly permanent on the small screen.

Such is the case with Jada Pinkett Smith’s character, Fish Mooney, on the hit Fox series “Gotham.” According to Rolling Out, the actress is set to make her return to the show .

While Fish seemingly met her demise at the end of the first season of “Gotham” when she appeared to drown in the waters of Gotham Harbor, the show’s executive producer, Bruno Heller, alluded to how hard it would be to keep the character completely out of the picture during an interview with

“Personally I’m still hoping that Jada will be back,” Heller told the site. “One of the problems of making a show like this is that you need actors who can really be big characters. You either have bigness or you don’t, and Jada is big in spades. She’s done a wonderful job for us and nobody dies forever in the DC Universe, necessarily, so I’m hoping whatever happens at the end of this season that Fish can and will be back.”

At this time, folks are tight-lipped on specifics regarding Fish’s return. Nevertheless, theories on how the character could resurface have been presented in the form of her showing up in a number of flashbacks, surviving her apparent drowning, or even being brought to a lab to be resurrected.

To see exactly how Fish makes her return, check out “Gotham” when it returns for the second half of its sophomore season on Feb. 29 on Fox.




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