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Russell Simmons: Flint Water Crisis is ‘Environmental Racism’

 Russell Simmons, flint water crisis, environmental racism
‘THE REAL’ — Russell Simmons describes Flint Water Crisis as “Environmental Racism”

*On ‘The Real’ Friday, January 29, Russell Simmons, entrepreneur/philanthropist/author and co-founder of Def Jam Records, shares his thoughts on the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, that’s currently making national headlines.

Likening the local government’s lack of consideration for its citizens to “environmental racism,” Simmons also reveals to the ladies his plan to visit the city and what he’ll be doing to help.

Russell Simmons’ Impassioned Plea for Flint, MI Citizens

Russell Simmons’ Impassioned Plea for Citizens of Flint, MI

Loni Love: What are your thoughts with the water situation in Flint, Michigan?

Russell Simmons: Well, I’m going to Flint in a couple of days, matter of fact. I’m bringing a gift from my “RushCard” company – you know, water – but everybody can give water, we can all support in that way. But, I mean, we need the governor’s hands in cuffs, right? We need… Like, we need… If this was Beverly Hills…

[‘The Real’ audience claps.]

Russell: [Continued] Yo, if this happened in Beverly Hills…

Tamar Braxton: Yeah.

Russell: First of all, they would have found out in two minutes, and everybody would have been in trouble. Right? You can’t poison the whole community. Almost every kid may have brain damage. It’s worse than people are saying.

Tamar: Are you serious?

Russell: And they’ve known for longer than they’ve admitted. And there’s a lot, you know, we got to dig deeper into this. This idea that, you know, what they call it is um, racial … environmental racism, is what it is.

“The Real” hosts: Wow.

Russell: The governor, what does he care? First of all, he’s a conservative governor. There’s black people there. They don’t vote for him and they poor. So let him … you know what I’m saying? He just really let it happen. And it would never happen…

Adrienne Bailon: Never.

Russell: [Continued ] …in a community where people had wealth and influence.

Tune-in  January 29th on “The Real” — check local listings.

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