Sunday, August 14, 2022

Byron Allen’s $10 Billion Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against FCC & Charter Communications #BlackMediaMatters


Byron Allen has brought the diversity discussion framed by the Oscars to its apex with a new lawsuit against the FCC and Charter Communications.

The media mogul worth over 500 million dollars by some accounts, is championing the inclusion of black owned media companies.

After settling with AT&T on the issue, he has shifted his sights. Read below to learn more. #BlackMediaMatters

“Everyone talks about diversity, but diversity in Hollywood and the media starts with ownership,” Byron Allen

According to theWrap, Entertainment Studios Network CEO Byron Allen is heading back to court, this time filing a $10 billion lawsuit against the FCC and Charter Communications claiming racial discrimination against African-American-owned media.

“President Obama and the Democratic Party have completely excluded the African-American community when it comes to economic inclusion,” Allen said in a statement to TheWrap Wednesday.

“Everyone talks about diversity, but diversity in Hollywood and the media starts with ownership. African Americans don’t need handouts and donations; we can hire ourselves if white corporate America does business with us in a fair and equitable way,” he continued.

In a $10 billion lawsuit filed at the Central District Court of California Wednesday, Entertainment Studios Networks, Inc. and the National Association of African American-Owned Media (NAAAOM) claimed that Charter Communications engaged in racial discrimination in contracting against 100 percent African-American-owned media in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1866, 42 U.S.C. section 1981.

The suit was also filed against the Federal Communications Commission “for approving mega-media mergers, such as Comcast/NBCUniversal, that discriminate against African American-owned media,” according to the documents obtained by TheWrap.

The suit further states that of the over $4 billion spent annually by Charter Communications on cable channel carriage fees and advertising, zero dollars are spent with 100 percent African American-owned media companies. “Because of this racial discrimination, President Obama’s FCC should never approve Charter Communications’ acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks,” it claimed.

“Our lawsuit seeks to stop Charter Communications’ ‘Jim Crow’ policies and collusion with elected officials in order to continue its exclusion of 100 percent African American-owned media,” Allen said. “President Obama and the FCC have left 100 percent African American-owned media with no choice but to fight for our rights.”

“With this suit, as well as others to follow, NAAAOM and I intend to stop these corporate racist atrocities and the resulting African American financial genocide that we witness every day.”

“Charter Communications does not do business, nor have they ever done business, with 100 percent African American-owned media. I think they are simply an evil corporation,” Mark DeVitre, President of NAAAOM, added. “President Obama and the FCC have failed the African American community so miserably, they have forced African American-owned media to the edge of extinction. Racism, and the lack of true economic inclusion, must stop.”

Last year, Allen filed a $20 billion racial discrimination lawsuit against Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, Comcast and Time Warner Cable, claiming they were blocking equal access for black-owned networks.

Read the full complaint here

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  1. what a joke, good luck with that ridiculous law suit, If people want it they will watch it and pay for it . If not well then its just not very good is it. I do not see any other group crying , maybe you guys cant produce a good product, Also what does one hundred percent mean? If there is one white guy as that is part of an owners group or chinese then its not one hundred percent to your satisfaction. Im going to do some research and make sure i do not watch anymore byron allen crap and i will spread the word

    • you just made the statement against the man , then said you are gonna make sure you don’t watch any more of his crap, if you watch it you must like it, what is wrong with you, if they make money of blacks they should invest in 100% black own companies also, and not just because blacks work there, or own a small portion of the company, see that’s your inner bigot showing up, it just like some of us blacks show their bigots too, they will hear a good song and love it, but as soon as they find out a white person made it they start complaining, or say they’re not gonna listen to it any more. you people, no matter what race you are, just makes I bad for yourselves.

      • I saw one movie he as in, did not like the movie and don’t plan to ever watch anything he is in now for sure after such a frivolous idiotic lawsuit.

      • Harry you’re an idiot, Mr. Allen has a media company that produces shows, movies and media content. In the media industry it has become more of a private club that they only allow certain people to join. It’s not about his product I have seen several shows that he produces and enjoyed them, allot of his content is family orientated. The situation is like if AT&T acquired all of the big cell phone service providers and their towers and refused to allow smaller providers Boost, Metro, Cricket, Consumer, etc…to use the towers virtually shutting the out of the business. That is what Charter is doing. The shows that Allen company produces is far better than some of the trash that we are being force fed.

    • Harry, though your remarks may be well warranted – I might mention that someone has to start the ball rolling – or no change will occur. It’s often those whom we call “crackpots”, that spawn a revolution – while it’s up to the “strong devoted” to truly usher in any changes.

    • Byron Allen represents the pinnacle of hypocrisy, constantly blaming Obama for things beyond any politicians control. Calling a man who’s spent his life being an example of service a “house n…..” which he did recently while you make millions fawning over mostly white movie stars is the height of ridiculous. Byron Allen, the ultimate Tom.

    • You clearly don’t know how television distribution works. All those channels you have on your TV? They ALL need spots filled — even at 3am or 4am. Each time slot needs programming. So I ask you.. why is it okay to make deals with other companies that do infomercials instead of doing business with Mr. Allen’s shows? Maybe there’s more than meets the eye here

  2. “100 percent African American-owned media ” isn’t this the opposite of diversity? Just like BET? No one stops them from starting studios, having black directors, black actors, etc. Their complaint is they don’t want hand outs, and to be treated fairly, and they want diversity, but only in white projects, otherwise, all black. Good luck trying to fix the racial issues with that BS

  3. What did you mean by saying “you guys”? Sounds like a racial comment to me. lmao, this racial thing is getting way out of hand. When black activist talk about diversity, they mean 100% black own and operated. That doesn’t sound very “diverse” to me since they won’t hire anyone who isnt black. Just another selfish and greedy lawsuit while playing the race card. Good luck getting the $10 billion and maybe you can just add reparations to the list as well. That way we can finally put this to rest and move on.

  4. He undercuts his own lawsuit by asking for outrageous amounts of money above any level of damages he could have possibly suffered, and using words that don’t mean what he thinks they mean, like Jim Crow, atrocities and ‘financial genocide’, when what he is alleging is none of those things. I’m actually not sure how many ‘100 % African American-owned media companies’ besides his there even are. I mean, any public company can’t be 100 % black by definition, and even Oprah Winfrey doesn’t completely 100 % own her OWN network (her name, caps and all), its just hard to be that ‘pure’, even if you want to, in this day and age of huge fixed costs, for any large media organization.

    • Unfortunately people like this make money through out of court settlements as the legal proceedings are expensive, even when you clearly win. We need to impose some repercussions on bringing stupid lawsuits to the courts. Until we impose repercussions, this type of stuff will continue.

  5. I think it’s time that white people started standing up for OUR race. For YEARS blacks have been given preferred treatment. They claim to want equality but what they really want is SPECIAL treatment. Let that special treatment begin. If you are tired of falsely being called a racist then why not give them what they deserve. No matter what whites do blacks will always call them racist in order to get special treatment. This is what I propose.
    We are allowed to be proud white people just like they are allowed to be proud black people. They band together to force the hands of white people even when it’s not fair. I say let’s turn the tables on them.
    If you are in a position to hire someone; hire a proud white person. If you can promote someone; promote a proud white person. And if you must down size then start with getting rid of the real racist and fire a black person first. They openly call for blacks to do the EXACT same thing so I say we as proud white people return the favor.

    • 400 years of slavery is a very substantial setback to comeback from Megan, it has nothing to do with black power or white power. If you were treated in the most inhumane way for hundreds of years, raped, tortured, beaten killed etc and one day you were set free and told to go and compete starting from ground zero after you’ve built the entire economy for another group of people, how can you really compete??? The word race has nothing whatsoever to do with ethnicity, that is how most use it, but the word is actually a race to see what group can own and control the most resources that True Race. Imagine how you feel as a white woman if you get on an elevator full of black me, how would you feel? You’d probably get off at the next floor. Well that’s how a black person feels everyday in society. I know there is know way possible for you to understand that but trust me its true. Standing up for OUR race, hmmmmm, if you go to every single business starting in your neighborhood to the opposite coast of the country, how many would be black owned, I’d guess on the high side 10 out of10,000 how many white owned??? Coincidence??? o.k. Hire a proud white person, hmmmmm, I believe thats what all the fuss is now, thats the way its always been. You should study a little on The slave trade and the psychological effects it has on people, you may say that happened so long ago, but there are scars that your parents encountered in their lives that effected you and in turn they will effect your children as well and the cycle will continue until the TRUE root of the problem is addressed and healing can then begin. It was proud white people such as yourself who instituted American slavery in the first place.

  6. His numbers are well evaluated. He’s playing above what many readers understand he already won one of these and settled getting a distribution spot blacks are locked out of having. If it was a movement the creation of black wealth would have been something not seen in American History.

  7. He is playing the game way above people’s heads. His numbers are likely well thought out.for those that don’t understand, see that he won one already against direct tv and att securing a position that only few black people have in America and I believe only he is 100 percent African American owned. If more had gotten behind home would have led to a wealth creator and job creator for blacks not seen in 100 years.

  8. So let’s get the straight he is suing to force Non racist companies that hire and have owner of multiple races to do business with a Racist company that only hires Blacks. Hummm

    • 100% black own doesn’t mean that other races are not employed there it means that a black person or persons own 100% of the company nothing racist about that. A lot of people get offended by the truth but the fact of the matter is that many small business take this same approach when huge companies shut them out of doing business by a monopoly. That’s all this is about he’s wanting to do business but being shut out. Noting wrong with that. Maybe his assessment of this situation is 100% correct consider that.

  9. “100% African American owned….” sounds racist to me. Where are the non-black people in your organization?
    To dumb to recognize his own hypocrisy …

  10. So everyone is supposed to give them SPECIAL consideration because they are black? Isn’t that racist in itself. Maybe I need to sue the NBA for discrimination because most of their players are black and they just aren’t giving us white guys a fair chance.

  11. So how many White People are in the Black Lives Matter movement? Their name is discriminative and it goes down the racist hill from there. Maybe I’ll sue Byron for $1mm

  12. All I get from this is that, “the media and entertainment should be dominated by the Black minority and not the White minority.” Which in itself is nothing but just a reverse. Lets not ignore the fact that Byron (who I actually do enjoy watching) is worth somewhere near FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS as a BLACK MAN. This is money my working class, blue collar Irish family could only dream of. Hell, even 1/3 or 1/4 of that!

  13. We should not respond to people who don’t know history. These sights are rigged with paid employees working for companies to insight hatred. Don’t fall for the divide and conquer. It’s been going on since Jesus Christ walk the land. Even today we deny Jesus was a Black Jew and that Christianity came out of Africa and he’s coming back to redeem his people. You go to church most of he time and you haven’t been thought you’re worshiping a black Jew. Most of you haven’t seen a Black Jew. There are millions. Egypt was rule by the 25th Dynasty “Cushitic’s” blacks who ruled Egypt of Africa and mated into what is known today as Egypt. Have you seen the Spinks they cut off the nose so you wouldn’t know they’re black. All of us come from Africa learn your history. Sheba from Ethiopia married Solomon. Moses was married to a black women. Go get your genealogy test, search your ancestry then come back and talk black and white. Most white people claim Irish. You need to read Irish history. Even Obama has a Irish blood. White people think more of themselves than they should. Ethiopia today claims to have the Ark of the Covenant. Studying our history it devastating. Black people are the white man’s conscious. It lives with us every day.

  14. 100% African American owned has nothing to do with being racist. It certainly doesn’t mean that no other ethnicity is employed there, it only means that the ownership group is all African American. Is Robert Kraft racist because he owns the Patriots as a white man? Last I checked, he employs plenty of black players. What’s wrong with 100% African American ownership? Some of you really need to get a grip and stop playing the white victim role.

  15. hey “mommie” you need to learn geography….lol, Nazareth is on a completely different continent. Jesus looked more like Saddam Hussein than any black man. I know you interpret the scriptures and think well it says he has feet of bronze and no white man has feet of bronze so he must be black, when in actuality it’s talking about his battle armament as he is about to engage in battle. Think Roman army. Any way, it’s not racist, it’s just fact, take a look at what people from Israel look like, then you will know what Jesus looked like.

  16. hey BoDapro, where did you get 400 years of slavery? Were you thinking about the Semites in Egypt? Also, why is it that black people always want to acknowledge the buyers of slaves but never want to place any blame on the original sellers of slaves? You do realize that African slaves were captured by other Africans and then sold by those same Africans to Europeans right? So who is really to blame? Funny how liberals always blame Coke and fast food for creating bad things and selling them to consumers. It’s never the consumer’s fault its always the evil companies, but that logic doesn’t apply to the Africans that enslaved their own kind and then sold them to others. No, No, in that instance it was all the White Europeans fault, the blacks were just victims in this mess right? Even though African slavery had been going on for 200 years before the slave trade even began. Do some research before you post stupidity. As for slavery being an excuse for how black people are today, wake up! What happened 150 years ago doesn’t affect whether a black kid decides to stay in school, stay off drugs, wear his belt around his waist, learn how to speak like a civilized individual, conduct himself with respect and dignity, obey the law, get a job and be a father to his child does it? Don’t even try to say that it does because there have been too many successful black people that have done it. What happened to them, were their ancestors not slaves? Did they not get treated unfairly? Did they not have to deal with some form of racism? Or was it that they worked hard to earn their way? I’m thinking the latter.

  17. Well, J. Figaroa…you seem to have missed the parts…raped, tortured, killed etc. I guarantee that African leaders who were part of the slave trade did treat other Africans in such an inhumane way. In anyways, I am not justifying the foolishness in American society. America has enough proof to justify its own foolishness. The facts of America…there are too many bad choices a person/people can make in this country; starting with the food. There are too many sick people because of the bad food choices. Here is how many works…you need money to make better choices for you and your family. Without money, too many obstacles are in your way. Byron is right! Unfortunately, too many poor people do not understand how money works!

  18. Jesus Figaroa learn your history. The people of Israel today aren’t the real Israelites. The real ones were captured by the Romans as slaves and ship to America. Even Israel knows that truth. That’s why he said “He knows the ones that are and the ones that are not” When Rome attacked Israel some also went to Ethiopia. Jesus was a black Hebrew Jew with woolly hair.

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