Sunday, October 2, 2022

Stacey Dash’s Cousin Damon Dash Accuses Her of ‘Coonin” (WATCH)

stacey dash & dame dash
Stacey Dash & Damon ‘Dame’ Dash

*You know your stuff is raggedy when your own family publicly speaks out against you.

That would be the case of Stacey Dash who’s cousin, former record mogul Damon Dash, who accused her of “coonin‘” in a recent interview.

When asked about her comments by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dash was direct in his assessment of his cousin.

“You know, I’m used to it,” he said. “Stacey is always going to say something that evokes an emotion, especially when it comes to the culture…its annoying having a cousin that looks like that, and has an opinion, and works for Fox News,” he joked.

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Dash, who once partnered with Jay Z to build Rock-A-Fella records can only guess why Stacey says the things she does, like her now infamous statement that Black History Month and BET should be abolished.

“I think Fox pays her to say that sh*t,” he said bluntly. “I know how Fox is. You know how manipulative they are. I think they wanted her to do something that would invoke conversation and she did it. I’m quite sure it wasn’t done for free.”

(Hmm, we hope you’re right on that point, Dame. We really hope you’re right.)

Dame went on to speculate that if her comments had been made on a different platform, perhaps they would have been received differently.

“She didn’t have to say it like that, or there…I would have way preferred, if she had that opinion, to say it on BET, or have a conversation with someone Black…and let someone black have a conversation back with her as opposed to some white man nodding his head.”

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After wishing his cousin a happy birthday, Dame fired one last shot:

“it really isn’t the best thing to hear (Stacey) associated with coonin, you know what I’m saying. It’s funny man, but it is what it is, that’s my life.”

When asked about possibly having a one-on-one debate with his cousin, Dash didn’t think that was a good idea.

“You don’t want to see that. I wouldn’t even do that to her, that’s my cousin…I can’t even really go so hard on her but I do [make] her aware of my perspective, from one Democrat to a Republican.”



  1. Coonin, big time for filthy lucre… Stacey Judas in her best acting role ever for Fux noise… What a freak…

  2. “You know your stuff is raggedy when your own family publicly speaks out against you.
    Advertisement. LOL.

    “I think Fox pays her to say that sh*t,”

    Now you know that they arre, that’s why she’s there ! Snake in grass ‘Fox’, loves to have a so called ” Black” person on their station, who pushes the same tired rants that it does! Yawn. And every now and then it will put an actual Black fool on just to coon for its audience, ONE Black person that Fox will try to make everyone believe that one Black person speaks for ALL Black people! It’s like see look, here’s a Black guy/gal that confirms what we have been saying about Black people! Damon shouldn’t feel bad, its not him, its her. He is not responsible for the cràp his cousin, aunt, brother, sister etc says, because he’s not the one saying it.

  3. The Black Panthers? What the hell are you talking about? Too much Fux Noise going through your brain dude. You mean all 40 of the so-called “New Black Panthers? GTFOH.

    The original Black Panthers were NOT separatists. While the KKK have ALWAYS been about division… Please do your homework… “All Power to the People!”

  4. More evidence blacks are far more racist against their own than whites. Good going Damon making yourself and other black people look stupid. It’s better to keep your mouth shut and start thinking for yourself piling, like your cousin Stacey figured did.

    • And your comments adds more confirmation as to why I will NEVER accept a white person’s definition of racism… You folks are total amateurs at identifying that ugly malady… Quit while you’re behind Jethro…

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