Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Rapper Chingy Walks Back Trump Endorsement with Apology (WATCH)

chingy & donald trump

*Before Chingy wasn’t for Donald Trump, he was FOR Donald Trump.

We have no idea where the St. Louis rapper has been of late, but the other day he surfaced to show love for Trump. Then he got beat up on social media and shortly re-surfaced again to disavow his endorsement.

Politics vs. society. People should innerstand that politics is a business jus like the job you work at. I vote for @realDonaldTrump “YEP” 3,” Chingy tweeted.

He added, “@realDonaldTrump knows how to conduct business. This country is a business an needs to be ran by a businessman. It’s not personal people!”

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You already know how that ringing endorsement of Trump worked out for the rapper. But just in case you need a little help understanding how some folks felt about Chingy standing up for the GOP front-runner, check this out:

“Donald Trump has been endorsed by Sarah Palin and, more importantly, Chingy. Might as well call this election over already.” Meanwhile others jokingly pointed out that Chingy doesn’t have any fans to influence in their voting patterns anyway.

It didn’t take too much criticism coming at him for Chingy to change his tune. He then recorded a video saying he was no longer riding for Team Trump because his fans educated him on how racially divisive the GOP front runner has been.

Geez, you would think Chingy already knew about Trump’s racist rhetoric before he endorsed him. But apparently he didn’t, for some reason, which led to him getting the side-eye treatment from his “fans.”

Not a good look Chingy. Not a good look at all.




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