Monday, November 29, 2021

Barack Obama Was a ‘Bum,’ Michelle Obama Tells ‘The Real’


*The ladies of “The Real” got the interview of a lifetime, they insist.

Hours after sitting down Wednesday with first lady Michelle Obama at the White House, the five co-hosts of Fox’s panel talk show gushed to the Washington Post about their experience, and revealed what FLOTUS really thought about her future husband when they first met.

Per WaPo:

The moment felt decidedly unreal for the gabbers — singer and catchphrase queen Tamar Braxton, actress Tamera Mowry-Housley, comedian Loni Love, fashion expert Jeannie Mai and singer-actress Adrienne Bailon — but they’d decided to bask in it.

“She shared some stuff like we’ve never heard before,” Mai.

Oh really? Like what?

“She said something about Mr. Barack Obama,” teased Bailon.

“Oh YES she did,” chimed in Braxton, whose soprano pierced through the cross talk as the group settled into their familiar on-air personalities. “I’m just gonna go ‘head on and tell it,” she continued despite protests from her fellow co-hosts. Braxton took a beat, smacked her lips and then blurted out, “She saaaid … at some point her man was a bum.”

She used the word b-u-m?

“The word bum,” said all five.

“He needed to get his life together,” said Mowry-Housley. “That is what she said.” (And just to back up a bit and for context’s sake FLOTUS was being candid and causal, explaining her husband the president’s transformation from not-so-serious undergrad to hitting the books hard). Mrs. O goes into that and a lot more during a two-hour session that will be boiled down to two segments in an episode of “The Real” scheduled to air on Tuesday Jan. 26.

With the first lady down and the presidential election coming up, the cast’s next big get? Donald Trump — oh, and all the other candidates, too.

“I have … questions [for Trump],” purred Braxton.

“I have comments,” said Bailon, who added later that she didn’t know who she was voting for in November but, as the daughter of two immigrants, had definitely scratched the Donald off her list.

“Do you think he’d even do our show?” asked Mowry-Housley. The show’s executive producer, Rachel Miskowiec, piped in that he would.

The political debate carried on. Love said she was still undecided, and everyone else agreed it’d be nice to see a woman running the country. Then the comedian seamlessly landed a punchline about the last name of two past presidents that we’re certain she couldn’t repeat at the White House.

Read the entire article here.



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