Thursday, January 20, 2022

Tom Joyner Urges Bill Cosby to Plead Guilty for Camille’s Sake

Tom Joyner attends the 45th NAACP Image Awards presented by TV One at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 22, 2014 in Pasadena, California.
Tom Joyner attends the 45th NAACP Image Awards presented by TV One at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 22, 2014 in Pasadena, California.

*Morning radio host Tom Joyner is asking Bill Cosby to take a plea deal in the defamation lawsuits against him over sexual assault allegations, because he doesn’t want to see the actor’s wife, kids and grandkids dragged through the embarrassment of a trial.

Tom writes on Black America Web:

When I look back at 2015 a lot of us had some very tough moments. Like me, you may have lost a loved one. Maybe you had an illness, suffered financial loss or experienced a blow in your personal life.

Many things that happen are out of our control but even then at some point there comes a time when we have a say on how we manage a crisis in our lives. Even when we are at fault when things go wrong, it is best to admit our part in it and look for ways to begin healing the situation, especially when others are being hurt. That brings me to one of the most high-profile events of 2015: the charges and arrest of Bill Cosby.

While everyone deserves their day in court, if Bill Cosby has done the things he admitted in a 2005 deposition — having sex with women while they were under the influence of quaaludes — not pleading guilty will prolong the inevitable.

I don’t say this because I think a 78-year-old African-American icon serving 10 years in prison is a good solution. I say it because between the two options, pleading guilty will bring the least amount of shame to Camille Cosby, their children and grandchildren.

More than 50 women have accused him of allegedly sexually assaulting them after being given drugs or alcohol. Also, he was recently charged with aggravated indecent assault in Pennsylvania over an incident from 2004. Despite the charges and accusations, his lawyers maintain that he is not guilty and will not consider a plea bargain. This opens the door to his case going to trial and allowing even more damaging testimony. It will be a media circus bigger than the ones we’ve seen in the past involving O.J. and Michael Jackson simply because there was no social media when those trials took place. A Cosby trial will be an epic media feeding frenzy.

I know what you’re saying; he may not be guilty of all or most of the things he’s accused of. But if he’s guilty of any of it, what does he really gain by continuing to allow this public spectacle to go forth.

Preserve whatever dignity you have left, Mr. Cosby.



  1. Tom Joyner never strike me as a highly intelligent radio host. But maybe he’s getting even worse with age.

    Why the fuck would someone plead guilty when they have a chance to beat the charges and clear their name?

  2. Did you read the article?? Bill Cosby should plea guilty to bring the least amount of shame to Camille Cosby, their children and grandchildren. It makes sense. However he is too arrogant to ever admit anything.

    • Wow!
      You just as lost as Joyner.

      Wouldn’t he still be bringing shame to them by pleading guilty?
      How about beating the charges and eliminating the possibility of any shame?

      • ive seen tj change. not sure why…although im trying not to judge, his comedy hasnt been funny for a while. he does well with charity, thanks… but the increased buffonery is too much. serious topics and blk america web is a gossip – ish site now. he sells his company to radio one, who then puts a white man in charge… which could be ok… ill guess it wont be (see bet and bob johnson)… sigh. well, its his money and who am i, the blk community, to tell him what to do. i just expected better… long story short, tj has some nerve to tell another to take a plea when cosby said he was innocent. the humiliation is there already. shes still with him, soooo… wouldnt it be better for tj to be supportive, esp of another black comic unless correctly convicted… i dare say, the institution has joyner in their clutches. never that i see the day that joyner would help this hidden agenda is keeping another like him, not yet tried in court, down…thanks tom…

  3. Ugh… Tom Joyner why not call him up and say that?

    How is this helpful… to publicly say this?

    Perhaps you should spend more time tending to your own affairs!

  4. Yo…I’m glad he didn’t start his commentary with “I know I am just a DJ”. Something stupid normally follows that statement.

  5. Typical jerk reflex comment. Glad I do NOT listen to his crap. This guy is nuts…like those females. Camille and the Cosby family know more than any of these asses…same as this one. I bet he’s no angel. He looks nasty.


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