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CNikky Interview: ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Spill Season 1 Tea! [WATCH]

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*”The Real Housewives of Potomac” are stirring things up on Sunday nights on Bravo!

You can catch the new ladies of the franchise at 9pm, right after “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

The six incredibly beautiful women live behind the gates of the exclusive Potomac area, right outside of D.C.

The cast consist of Karen Huger, who is married to the black version of Bill Gates. Gizelle Bryant, who is the ex-wife of mega church pastor Jamal Bryant and the daughter of a Civil Rights Activist.

Charrisse Jordan who is married to former Washington Wizards coach and current Rutgers University coach, Eddie Jordan. Ashley Boalch Darby, who is married to an Australian real estate tycoon who happens to be 29 years older than her. And Robyn Dixon who’s ex husband is NBA star Juan Dixon.

EURweb partner Cherise CNikky Nicole sat down with the cast at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena and finding out what kind of drama we can expect to see this season!

Karen Huger and Cherise Nicole RHOP

Who do you get along with and not get along with this season?


“We’re six powerful and dynamic women with strong personalities.  I get along with everybody.  It get’s a little heated, but I use my words to calm it down and take it to a good place where we can agree to disagree and move on.  Life is too short.  I don’t have time to sweat the small stuff.”

How do we get into the ‘Potomac’ circle?


“Honestly, It’s open to everyone who wants to lead a happy, well cultured, intelligent and I gotta say driven life!”

Charrisse Jordan, Cherise Nicole, Ashley Darby RHOP

If you watched the premiere episode, you noticed that there was some serious tension between Charrisse and Gizelle during a crab bake.  While viewers may feel that Charrisse was extremely ungrateful to Gizelle for coming to her house and cooking crabs for her guest, Charrisse made it clear that she has no remorse for having an attitude with her friend.  It seems that Gizelle did not conduct herself in an appropriate manner!


“In hindsight, I was in my feelings.  For me it was the coming up in my room and slamming the cabinets and all that.  You know I take pride in my home.  I spent a lot of money for that house and mortgage is high! “

Are you ‘the help’ because Charrisse treated you as such?


“I would not be the help! And that there was the problem.  But, I will always be helpful, especially to my girlfriends and I will always help out when I can and I do know how to cook crabs, that’s why I offered. But, that’s where it ends.”

Karen Huger and Cherise Nicole

The queen of proper edict, Karen Huger is apparently writing a book on the appropriate time for proper edict. Because although politeness is always recommended, according to Karen…

“Every now and then a girl gotta pop off when she gotta pop off!”

O.K. Karen!  Now there is a new cast member that audiences are not introduced to until later in the season.  The 27 year old beauty named Ashley apparently makes quite an entrance, but we wanted to know what made her the perfect addition to the Housewives cast?

Charrisse Jordan, Cherise Nicole and Ashly Darby


“I’m married to an Australian man who is 55 so there’s a 29 year age difference in our relationship.  Yes, and I have step children who are pretty much my age. “

The question we all wanted to know was….Is he rich??


“Yes, he’s a very prominent real estate developer. He’s been in D.C. for about 25 years and he’s built a lot of buildings there.  We can drive down the street and he’s like, I built that building, it’s quite impressive. And we just built a restaurant together, so now we’re partners in love and partners in business.”

Karen Huger is one of the most outspoken cast members of Potomac and she constantly calls her husband the ‘Black Bill Gates!’ We wanted to know how he received that name!


“When I first started dating Raymond, I organized his office and I ran across a paper where he had written a speech to introduce Bill Gates to a convention of 800 people. And he was just introducing him, but I dubbed him, my black Bill Gates.  Now, my closest friends know that I call him that, but he can’t stand me calling him that! But, he is my black Bill Gates!”

Robyn Dixon, Cherise Nicole and Gizelle Bryant

Robyn Dixon certainly has one of the most un-conventional relationships on the show.  She is divorced, but she still lives and sleeps in the same bed with her ex-husband, NBA star Juan Dixon.  But, according to her, they are not back together…yet.  What’s that about?


“We are connected at the hip and I couldn’t get rid of him for long! He is forever my family and now that we have kids together, it’s a whole nother ball game. We will always have that connection.  Now, will we have the romance, that’s what we gotta figure out!”

Watch the interview below to hear all the tea the ladies spilled about their lives and tune in every week to watch the drama unfold!

The Real Housewives of Potomac Airs on Sunday nights on Bravo!

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